stitch fix unboxing: october ’18

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Whenever I have an upcoming trip or occasion, I always feel as if I need a new outfit. This way, whenever I put on that article of clothing down the road, it has a special memory associated with it.

This month was GenBeauty and I knew I wanted something new to impress and feel like a Glam Queen. New York City is always tricky to pack for because there’s so much to do and see, but you want to be comfortable and trendy, all in one. I trusted Caitlin to pick out pieces that I could rock at the GBNY events, as well as heading for drinks with some girlfriends post-convention.

After being disappointed with a lot of the fits and cuts in last month’s Fix, I requested for my stylist to start considering smaller sizes. I’ve been really apprehensive about sizing down because a part of me is nervous it will jinx whatever progress I’ve made and it will eventually be a waste of money. Plus, Stitch Fix’s pieces are normally boutique sizes, which tend to run smaller.

As for Fixes, this one ran on the more expensive side; $186.25 with the Buy All Discount and the styling fee purchase credit applied. Even though it was more than I wanted to spend (especially with the intention of spending some dough in NYC), there were some pieces in here that took up a large chunk of the change and would have been considered wardrobe builders in any other context.

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 16th Fix:

STS Blue | EmilieCoated Skinny Jean in size 14 | $59

When I told Caitlin I wanted to size down, my biggest reason in doing so was because every pair of pants I’ve put on the last four months have been far too big around my waist. This was also my biggest concern with sizing down because of how disproportionate my lower body is. The waist-to-booty ratio is way off.

These pleather pants are super trendy and absolutely perfect for a New York minute. They spice up any outfit and give it an edgier flair that my inner badass is always thriving for. However, I put these on and I felt extremely uncomfortable because they met right below my belly button and made me feel as if my belly noticeably hung over. As we know, I am someone who lives for high-waisted pants that suck everything in for a more flattering silhouette.

It should also be noted that these pants are incredibly warm, which might be great for those crisp days ahead, but it wouldn’t be ideal for walking and sightseeing around the City. These would have been perfect with a black-and-white striped top and military jacket for a stroll on Fifth Avenue, or a floral peasant top for a flirty vibe for dinner and a Broadway show.

Liverpool | Shayla Contrast Collar Rainwear Trench Coat in Large | $88

There’s fewer things worse than getting caught in a rainstorm, but getting caught in a rainstorm in a city like New York is among the worst.

Kudos to Caitlin for thinking one step ahead with this gorgeous teal green trench. She had seen a trench coat pinned on one of my Pinterest boards and gave it a modern twist with the color selection. I really love how it had a spacious hood, so my blowouts can be some-what saved when the showers roll through. Plus, this jacket is incredibly warm and should repel a lot of water.

I’m a very traditional person by sorts, so a teal green trench coat isn’t something I justify putting in my wardrobe. Although, once I opened it from the box, I was relieved to see it wasn’t as bright of a teal as the website displayed. I appreciate the thought of spicing it up, but if it came in a camel or tan color, I wouldn’t hesitate to return it for a more practical color to build outfits around. This was also in a large, and I would have rather sized up, so I could layer sweaters underneath, but while checking out, I noticed that it wasn’t an option in my size.

Grab this when you head out in your LBD for a fun pop of color on date night.

PINK CLOVER | Denver Knot Front Detail Knit Top in Large | $38

Fun fact: Olive green is one of my all-time favorite colors to wear. It’s super complimentary and flatters just about every skin tone, no matter what season.

This color-block top from PINK CLOVER is not only giving me earth tone vibes, it’s incredibly soft and cozy which would make it a perfect choice for fall afternoons strolling through Central Park. Normally, I don’t love front knot tops because they fall awkwardly at my belly, but based on how comfortable this top is, it was easy to overlook.

A majority of my closet is made up of neutral colors like black and white, but recently I’ve wanted to step out and add more ‘color’. Even though the top portion of the shirt is taupe, the olive green gives it a pop of color that’s a great starting point to build my wardrobe. As mentioned before, olive green is such a complimentary color that won’t ever go out of style.

You can cozy up on the flight with this top with a pair of joggers and leopard print trainers, or if you’re looking for something more presentable, grab a pair of jeggings, a pair of booties and a melon color military coat.

French Grey | Marjorie Back Detail Brushed Knit Dress in XL | $48

Prior to us traveling to Europe, I never imagined myself wanting to pack dresses on vacation. They make it so easy to plan for, since it’s an all-in-one outfit, and they take up a lot less room than traveling with a lot of pieces.

The thought of walking around NYC in a dress gives me agita, but this knit dress gave me a lot of peace of mind because of its length. It hits right above the knee, so nothing will be risque and its cinched waist gives it a flattering and flirty shape. The brushed knit feel of the dress makes it so comfortable and breezy, so it will keep you cool.

This is the second French Grey dress I’ve discovered (and kept!) through Stitch Fix, so this might be a brand to consider recommending in the future. Caitlin suggested this with a denim jacket and booties, and I took my own spin on it and paired it with a light brown leather jacket when I wore it to GenBeauty!

Alice Blue | Ambriz Pleat Front Detail Blouse in Large | $42

Like the pants, another one of my biggest concerns with sizing down would be for any future blouses I would receive. Since losing weight, I’ve noticed the biggest weight loss has happened in my chest and it’s become apparent when I wear blouses.

This blouse fit like a dream and I liked the cut of the arms, which allows me to flaunt my recently toned triceps/biceps. The sleeves will also be easy to wear blazers/cardigans over it with the cooler days ahead. It cuts up the side rather highly, but with the right pants, that won’t be an issue.

Caitlin really hit my aesthetic with this black and gold blouse that can be taken office to cocktail hour. For a boozy brunch, grab a duster cardigan and some slip-ons or wear it to a conference with a tweed skirt and moto-jacket.

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