birchbox unboxing: october ’18

Turn over a new leaf 🍂

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The leaves might be falling, but all those gorgeous autumn colors have got me inspired to dive into some new beauty trends!

For the first time in my nearly two years with Birchbox, I decided that I would choose their fully curated box. The individual selected products didn’t peak my interest, and there was one product inside the curated box that caught my attention and instead of hoping for it, I made receiving it a reality. I noticed that selecting the curated box, it was shipped a helluva lot sooner than waiting, so it’s something to consider in the future.

Another reason why I selected this curated box was because all of the products seemed to work together: An insanely-hydrating cream, a nude lip gloss and a beautiful shadow for an everyday look, as well as products to help you strip it down with a cleansing hair rinse and an exfoliating treatment.

Here’s what was inside my Birchbox this month:

ittse| Pearl Eyeshadow in Metamorphosis

She’s got a sparkle in her eye. (Nah, it’s just her pearlized eyeshadow.)

I’ve been opting for more neutral looks lately and this gorgeous bronzed metallic shadow is a perfect addition to my everyday look. Metamorphosis can be subtly rocked as an overall color or layered up for a bronze smokey eye. Either way, this shadow has a pretty pearliness that makes your eyes appear brighter and specifically pulled out the yellow flecks in my eye color.

Its buttery texture melts into the lids and blends with such ease, which makes it ideal for grab-and-go convenience. This single also has a magnetic bottom that allows for you to build your own palette with ittse’s refillable system, so all your cruelty-free faves can hang out in  one place.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Laura Geller | Nude Kisses Lip Hugging Lip Gloss in Blushing Shimmer

Almost nude.

I might have my gripes with glosses, but if we’ve learned anything here is that you have to try a product at least once before we completely write it off. I’m glad that I took my own advice because this gloss definitely took me by surprise.

Its color payoff is a gorgeous pinky-mauve that compliments an everyday look, and can be built up for more shimmer (if desired). It’s also very cushiony and hydrating which didn’t leave my lips feeling tacky, however, I could feel slight glitter deposits the more product I applied.

This lip gloss reminded me a lot of another one we received on this site, and I truthfully liked the Anastasia Beverly Hills one more. It’s not to discredit Laura Geller, I just prefer the other formula.

Rating: 3 out of 5

R + Co  | ACID WASH ACV Cleansing Rinse 

It should be criminal how much I abuse dry shampoo. I often joke that 85% of my being is composed of dry shampoo, but now, I’m starting to think that it’s fact.

No matter how often I exfoliate my scalp (which is maybe once a week?), there always seems to be a layer of product build-up that I cannot seem to remove, which in result causes the dreaded itchies. The main reason why I picked the curated box this month was because of this product since I had never heard of something remotely close to this and me and my black shirts are desperate to battle those pesky flakies.

After a one-time use, I noticed that my scalp felt much cleaner. (I think I should acknowledge the fact that I had gone nearly FOUR DAYS without washing my hair before I tested it). When it came to actually cleansing the hair, I still felt the need to go through with my regular shampoo because that apple cider vinegar extract is potent, but it felt nourished with tamanu seed oil and aloe vera leaf juice.

I’m not sure if this is something I will run out and buy once I’m done with this sample, but it is something to maybe consider in the future as part of a haircare routine.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Dr. Jart+ | Ceramidin Cream

Just what the Doctor (Jart+) ordered.

With the change of seasons, it’s even more important to make sure you’re hydrated. For when you can’t get those recommended ounces of water, your skin will be saved by this insanely-rich cream.

It’s a dermatologist-developed product (which might explain its very medicinal aesthetic I’m living for) that has moisture-retaining ceramides. To break it down scientifically: it acts as a barrier protectant, which leaves your skin feeling more hydrated, plump and radiant.

This has a similar consistency as one of my favorite primers and I might toss this in my carry-on for our upcoming  adventures since airplane cabins can wreck havoc on your skin’s moisture levels.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Sand & Sky | Australian Pink Clay Flash Perfection Exfoliating Treatment

Impurities gone in a flash.

Australian pink clay and AHA-rich fruit extracts fill this mask with all the things to give you an express mini facial in five minutes. The mauve color is a little deceiving because admittedly, this mask does sting slightly and I almost thought that I was having a reaction because of the color of the mask!

Luckily, that wasn’t the case, but rather, my skin looked more radiant after washing it off. This mask  is filled with kaolin clay (which is known for pulling things to the surface and detoxes as a result). This product is perfect for those quick pick-me-ups if you need glowing from within skin.

This is the second Sand & Sky face mask I’ve tried and after seeing them pop up all over my Instagram feed, I can see why influencers like them: not only are they cute on your vanity, they’re filled with great stuff.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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