book review: behind closed doors

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We often say we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors, but we never know the true hells that someone might actually endure.

In B.A. Paris’s Behind Closed Doors, we meet Grace, a woman who seemingly has the perfect life. She has a lovely home straight out of Better Homes & Gardens magazine and a wonderful marriage to a successful lawyer named Jack Angel.

Grace met Jack while at the park with her sister Millie one day. Jack was captivated by Grace’s ability to handle Millie, since she was born with Down’s Syndrome. Caught up in  a whirlwind, Grace fell head over heels in love with Jack and married him, but on their honeymoon in Thailand, Jack abandons Grace in the hotel room and leaves her reeling.

But that might have been the least worst thing Jack did to her. Grace eventually becomes a prisoner in her own home, because Jack is a monster. Jack admittedly murdered his mother as a child. He bought Grace a dog, and allowed it to die from dehydration. But most sadistically, he only fell in love with Grace because of Millie.

His fascination with Millie is stemmed by his monstrous upbringing. His intentions are to have Millie move in with them and force her into the basement, a room that is locked from the outside that leaves her mad.

This story is one of the more demented I’ve read, not just because of the fact that Jack controls every facet of Grace’s life, but because of the reasoning of why he wants Millie so badly. Because of her syndrome, she’s a weak and easy target and she’ll be easier to manipulate. It felt wrong to read this because it’s exposing a syndrome that talking about is considered taboo.

Once we start learning about the kind of person Jack is, the more angry you become with him. You think he cannot be topped, but at each turn, he becomes more corrupt and evil to the core. I felt for Grace throughout the story because she truly was blinded by love and wanted to actually have a happily ever after with Jack, prior to his sick tendencies being exposed.

This wasn’t the worst thriller I’ve read, but rather, its demented plot had me craving more. It started out strong and peaked my interest midway through, but the ending was fairly predictable. I think all of the shock from the things that Jack did lost its allure and became over the top.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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