stitch fix unboxing: november ’18

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You might recall back when I was gearing up for our trip to Berlin that I had suggested (and kept!) travel-friendly pieces from my stylist. Since I’m jet-setting to Iceland at the end of the month, I asked for pieces that not only were going to be cute for any Instagram photos, but that would also keep me warm and comfortable for the outdoor excursions planned!

My biggest fear is that I won’t be warm enough so articles that could be layered were my main focal point. (Plus, who doesn’t want some new pieces to compartmentalize with a particular memory when you come home from your journey?!)

My stylist Caitlin came through with some chic athleisure pieces and she struck every idea I had, while still being fashionable! While peeking at what she sent, I was a little apprehensive about a few of the pick, but once they arrived, I immediately fell in love and decided that this month’s entire Fix would be a keep!

Everything in this month’s Fix totaled $161.50, including the 25% Buy All discount and the $20 styling fee purchase credit. Some of the items individually were more than I would normally spend, so bundling them all together made it a great deal.

(Shoutout to Caitlin for hitting me up on Instagram and following me! I love the fact that my stylist and I are now able to form a real-life relationship because of this service!)

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 17th overall Fix:

Z Supply | Abbie Knot Front Knit Top in L | $38

I often preach that black is my favorite color, but I’m starting to think that olive green might be having a moment, especially with my toasted coconut hair. To be fair, I’ve always resonated and gravitated towards this hue, but it’s starting to become an obsession.

One of the best things my father ever taught me was to always layer up when heading outdoors: It’s always easier to remove a layer to cool off than trying to add a layer when you’ve already got a chill. This cotton top is a great starting point for building up warmth that can make a switch to other practical scenarios once the wanderlust settles and I’m back home.

Individually, I think $38 is a lot of money for a basic long-sleeve tee, but with the Buy All discount, it was one of those ‘freebies’. The front knot detail is something that’s been popping up a lot lately and it reminds me a lot of the Choker Phase of 2016, but I’m not as in love with this trend. This knot isn’t too attention-drawing and it settles nicely at my midsection.

Caitlin suggested this with a pair of bell-bottom jeans and trainers or with a plaid skirt and denim jacket.

Free People | Sunny Drawstring Jogger Pant in XL | $48

This might be a first on this website: I’m opting for something other than black leggings!

I don’t love drawing attention to how disproportionate my lower body is, and any time I wear anything other than black-or-dark-colored bottoms, it’s a dead giveaway. These joggers are enough of a dark grey contrast that it give me another option for bottoms so I don’t exhaust black leggings all the time.

Since I have more meat on my bones, my thighs are one of the first places that gets the coldest. These are made with a heavier material, so wind won’t whip through them easily. Plus, they’re big enough that I can layer a pair of thermals underneath without giving me stiff legs.

The day we fly out to Iceland, I will be traveling 6 hours on a Greyhound bus to Boston. The game-plan is to make sure I’m as comfortable, so hopefully I can conk out on the flight. These joggers paired with either the Z Supply top aforementioned or the Pinque top in this Fix will be a perfect duo to keep me comfy and fashionable while traveling.

These joggers can also be paired with a pullover sweatshirt or a white tank top and military jacket and some sneakers.

RD Style | Aru Lace Up Back Cotton Blend Pullover in L | $64

Olive green is having another moment this Fix after Caitlin found some inspo on my Pinterest board! (At least someone else is looking at what I like on there!)

This pullover has a fun back detail that I didn’t notice when I originally pinned it. While pulling it out of the Fix, I wasn’t sure how to feel: I liked it because it spices up a plain sweater, but the braiding is very loose and it leaves the skin exposed, which wouldn’t make it ideal for a cold-weather environment. I quickly solved this with the idea of a base layer or a turtleneck, and I decided to splurge.

I already own a RD Style sweater and they are usually great quality. However, I did notice that there was already a hole in the hem of this, which makes me skeptical that maybe I didn’t make a solid investment.

Even though a majority of our time in Iceland will be spent outside and soaking in all the breathtaking views, we do have a few things planned like a Beer and Food tour at a local brewery in Downtown Reykjavik our first night. This would be a perfect piece to wear then because it’s still keeping me warm while being something nicer than just athleisure.

Pair this with a pair of jeans and Toms or step out in a flowy mini skirt and booties.

Pinque | Zenya Tie Front Brushed Knit Top in L | $38

Brushed knits have recently become a new obsession of mine because who doesn’t want to be consistently cozy and fashionable all at once?!

This top is so warm and comfortable that it would be perfect with the aforementioned joggers for a long day of travel. It might be brushed knit, but it’s lightweight so it won’t leave you feeling sweaty if you have to run to your gate!

The cut of this top is much more a casual/athleisure piece, so it would leave me relatively limited on when/where I can wear it. I have been branching out of my young professional attire and need some more lounge clothing, and this definitely feels like a Netflix-and-Chill selection.

Like the Z Supply, the front knot isn’t my favorite fashion trend, but it’s not the worst. Also like the Z Supply top, spending $38 alone for this is a little out of my price range, but bundling it together with everything else in this Fix is a win/win.

Add this under a duster cardigan and black jeans for some casual comfort for a dress down Friday, or pair it with a denim skirt and military jacket.

Coffeeshop | Amara Wubby Pullover Jacket in XL | $54

Talk about an impulsive selection.

On the surface, this pullover is certainly not flattering on because it’s incredibly boxy and makes me look insanely wide. However, we need to take a moment and appreciate it because holy cozy 😍😍.

Sherpa and wubby jackets are all the rage right now, according to Caitlin and I can understand why: This pullover is the epitome of comfort: It kept me warm without being too heavy or bulky and it gives me insane hygge vibes. I didn’t know just how much I needed this pullover until it was here and in my hands.

I feel as if this will be a favorite for a long time to come, if even just to pull out for those days I’m not feeling 100%. Caitlin suggested it with a striped mid-sleeve dress and sneakers or even with bell-bottom pants and a button down top.

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