shapermint black friday sale haul

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Give yourself the gift of confidence by jumping onboard the shape-wear bandwagon!

Shapermint is a website that sells high-quality shape-wear. Before you think that this is your mother’s Spanx, hear me out: I have been wearing shape-wear for years! After wearing clothes that didn’t fit properly or feeling frumpy and unhappy with my body, I decided to buy a pair of high-waisted shorts to wear under my dresses/skirts, and I have become a believer in shape-wear since.

Shapermint is a body-positivity company that knows we’re all beautiful, but we might need a little help. I recently teamed up with Shapermint to test out some of their best-selling products, just in time for Black Friday! Their website is on sale (up to 50% off!) and they offer a free-exchange policy, so you’re absolutely satisfied with your order. Also, free shipping on orders over $50!

I received three types of products: a pair of compression leggings, high-waisted shorts, and a waist cincher! Here are my thoughts on them:

Co’Coon Seamless Opaque Mid-Waist Basic Legging

The second I pulled these out of its package, I had a long and bellyaching laugh: I thought I was sent a pair of children’s leggings! There was zero way these were going to fit over my calves, let alone my thighs!

Looks were incredibly deceiving because these actually did stretched over my body, while retaining some of its opaqueness. I’m hesitant to say that they are entirely opaque because you could see panty lines through the pants in my backside, but it could be a matter of sizing up for total opaqueness. In a pinch, these would be perfect under a long sweater or a dress.

I really liked the tummy-control option because if you’ve ever stumbled across my Stitch Fixes, you know I love a high-waisted bottom. Even though they technically are mid-rise, they do wear pretty high without bunching at the ankle.

Empetua All Day Every Day High-Waisted Shaper Shorts

I wear my shape-wear shorts until they fall apart. Once I find a pair, I hold onto them tight, but need some options so I don’t completely exhausted them.

The biggest thing I look for when it comes to shaper shorts is that they are long enough to avoid dreaded chub-rub. Ideally, I would like these because they are long, but they are almost too long because they hit right above my knee and a lot of my dresses are shorter than that.

The waist-area of these shorts would be perfect because they would contain and suck everything in, but the problem is these are incredibly long, which would be good for someone with a long torso. I struggled to get these up and to stay put, and even though they claimed to be anti-roll, these rolled no matter how high I yanked them.

I was sent two sizes: medium/large and X-Large/2XL. It was hard to tell the difference in sizes, because they were relatively similar due to their compression. The M/L fit, but those would be for the really special occasions where I would have to slim down and tone up (and essentially not be able to breathe for the rest of the night). I’m really conflicted on how to feel about these because I hated how much they rolled, but they are full length coverage so I won’t have that awful thigh rub.

TC Sleek Shaping Waist Cincher

This was the one piece that I was apprehensive/really excited about trying. I have worn waist-trainers/slimming belts in the past, but it’s been at the gym to induce a great sweat session. This waist cincher is intended to be worn under clothing to really give that illusion of an hourglass figure.

I think my issue with this cincher is that it might be a size too small. I received the Large/XL size and even though it fits, it also doesn’t stay comfortably in place. Understandably, cinchers are not suppose to be the most comfortable thing, but this one’s ribbing almost flexes too much, which makes it irritating to wear for long periods of time.

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