stitch fix unboxing: december ’18

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‘Tis the season to get festive and to get dolled up for all of your holiday shindigs!

I have a few holiday fetes to attend this month, so what better time to utilize my personal stylist, Caitlin and find a one-of-a-kind dress that I know no one else will have! I had suggested for some cocktail dresses, specifically ones in emerald green or that gorgeous eggplant shade I’ve fallen in love with.

Caitlin took the liberty to also send me some cozy sweaters to keep me warm this season. It’s been quite chilly in New York lately, so these definitely were appreciated. I wish she would have sent me more options for dresses, but the two she sent were absolutely perfect in their own way. Plus, I have learned to trust her with my wardrobe, so she knows what’s best!

Everything in this month’s Fix came to $158.50, including the 25% Buy All discount and the styling fee purchase credit. I thought the dresses were reasonably priced, but the sweaters were a little more than I was willing to spend individually, and I wasn’t in the market for all of them right now.

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 18th overall Fix:

Fun2Fun | Kenmore Split Neck Blouse in Large | $42

If you’ve been following my Fixes long, you’ll know that I have a very love/hate relationship with blouses I receive. This one from Fun2Fun is among some of the better!

This has a stretchy material that doesn’t feel stiff or uncomfortable with extended wear, which means it would give you enough room for over-indulging bloat! I also like how the cut doesn’t leave me constricted in my chest or my arms, which normally one is compromised for the other. My only gripe is the sleeves, which are cinched at the bottom and that’s something I’ve always disliked and feel uncomfortable in.

Navy blue is a pretty big part of my wardrobe, and I love the color story with the floral design. Floral blouses are something that I want to like, because I feel that they could spice up my pretty monochromatic wardrobe, but I’m just not ready to step out of that comfort zone yet!

Pull out those pink hues in this blouse with a similar color duster cardigan and make it casual with a pair of jeans and slip-on mules. This blouse can also be rocked in an office setting with a pair of white slacks and a cobalt blue blazer.

FORTUNE + IVY | Lily Scallop Scuba Crepe Dress in XL | $54

Whenever it comes to special events, I’m a low-risk taker and always stay within the realm of black. It’s a slimming color and never goes out of style, but sometimes I grow bored of it.

I had two specific requests for the holiday dresses: emerald green and maroon. This dress is a gorgeous eggplant shade that I recently discovered to be very complimentary and I quickly became obsessed with the bodycon fit of this dress. You might recall I had tried on a scallop-detailed dress and loved how femme it made it feel, but wasn’t in love with the color choice and how hippy it made me look.  This one was definitely an upgrade.

As much as I loved this dress, I felt as if it was a little dull for the holiday party I had in mind for it. Even if I were to pair it with the chunky necklace and clutch that Caitlin selected, I felt as if I’d have to do a lot of heavy lifting in my hair and makeup to make it a no-brainer. If I didn’t receive the other dress, this would definitely have been a keep.

Grab a tan trench and some black flats for a daytime look, or pair it with a velvet pullover and silk pumps for a festive fete.

French Grey | Lennon Velvet Dress in XL | $54

Nothing says holidays like emerald green and velvet. Caitlin made all of my glam dreams come true with this gorgeous A-Line dress from French Grey, a brand I have become obsessed with via Stitch Fix!

Though it appears relatively simple in design, the velvet material makes it feel so chic as it retains that comfort I’ve grown to love with French Grey. It’s an appropriate length for the cocktail party I had in mind for my request, but still stays flirty and festive.

Since this dress was everything I had envisioned (and then some!), it was my keep for the month. Originally, I had picked out a jumpsuit from Express in a deep teal shade, but decided that this would be much more comfortable, and no one else would have it. My plan is to rock this with a simple necklace and a pair of nude patten pumps.

PINK CLOVER | Abby Button Back Knit Top in Large | $44

Leopard print is considered a neutral, right?

One of my favorite ways to spice up an outfit is to pair it with leopard-print flats. For being such a bold pattern, I find that it works with relatively any color and compliments everyone!

From a quick standpoint, this top seems fairly casual until you turn around: the button-up back detail and the elbow patches gives it a more chic feel so it’s more than just a knit top. I used to own a leopard sweater that I loved, but don’t know whatever it happened to it, but I’m considering this top an upgrade.

For weekend errands, pair it with a denim skirt and sneakers or wear it in the office with a pair of flair-bottom black slacks and red heels.

Staccato | Alberta Lace Up Back Knit Top in Large | $44

Tie an outfit together with this lace-up top.

Last month, Caitlin sent over something she discovered on my Pinterest board that fulfilled my quota of olive green sweaters. I’m not in the market for another one right now, especially after keeping last month’s choice. (Though if I’m being realistic, I would have rather kept this one since the RD Style one already has a hole in it after wearing it twice!)

Individually, this top is a lot more than I would spend on a basic long-sleeve top. If I were to buy all the piece in this Fix, then I guess it would be worthwhile, but I don’t see myself wanting to grab it enough.

This is certainly a more casual piece and can be worn with a pair of dark-wash jeans and booties or worn with leggings and slip-on sneakers.

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