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Hello 2019!

The month of December was an absolute whirlwind. From starting the month abroad in Iceland, to ending the month by taking a spontaneous trip to Pennsylvania to be with friends in a time of need, it was hard to tell if I was coming or going!

Since taking our first international trip as a couple, I have had an insatiable case of wanderlust and an even bigger case of wanting to up my vlogging game. For inspiration, I had watched a lot of Kara & Nate’s old YouTube videos and studied up on some travel-hacking tips to keep stress at bay. I’m so proud of our Iceland vlogs and it has me even more excited for future trips as I continue to learn how to illustrate a story.

Starting the month abroad really played with my psyche and I found it difficult to get into the holiday spirit. It wasn’t just me, since it seemed as if every person I came into contact with felt my lack of festive vibes. Financially, I felt much better about creating a budget for the holidays (and I actually stuck with it!), but in other aspects, I felt overwhelmed to get it all done with a condensed schedule.

Even though I was already feeling the lack of holiday joy, spending time with my family is something I always look forward to, regardless of the season. Coming from a big family, it’s always bountiful laughs, delicious food and memories made when we all get together, which we did for Christmas Eve. Knowing that I wasn’t going to see Ryan, I was already feeling pretty down, but realizing that the older you get means the less amount of presents under the tree added to my winter blues.

(I don’t want this to seem like I measure how great Christmas is based on the amount of presents I receive, I think the whole lack of holiday spirit really made me realize how holidays are just really a stressful time for everyone and there’s so much expectation to have the best Christmas ever. I spent the entire day playing Spyro Reignited, so I can’t say it was an awful Christmas, just a quiet one.)

Death, unfortunately, is one of life’s expectations and it forces us to take a moment to reflect. A family friend of ours had lost her mother and my mother and I decided to make a quick weekend trip to West Virginia to pay our respects. Not only was it great to see the people that are like family, it was a time to remind ourselves how important it is to stay connected to the people that make us feel loved. This wasn’t a sad trip, but rather a trip filled with plenty of laughs as we reminisced on the good days.

Laugh we did, and now I am entering 2019 without a voice! Whether it be the holiday bustle coming to an end or a nasty cold lingering around, my voice is gone but that isn’t stopping me from setting some goals to start the year out on the right foot.

I will eventually make a full list of resolutions and do quarterly check-ins, since that’s my best way of staying accountable, but for now here are the goals I want to crush this January:

  • Start the year strong: Like every other resolutioner, I plan on hitting the gym with a vigor. The month of December was a lost cause and I felt even worse about my eating habits (I can’t say no to Italian cherry cookies!). January will be time to refocus on my fitness goals, while keeping them on the smaller scale: Each year, I overwhelm myself with a big goal (40 pounds) and get really disgruntled when I don’t keep up with consistent results monthly. I want to start up with the 1st Phorm Level-1 Workout and if another Challenge starts in the month of January, I’ll add that to my split. On rest days, I want to start incorporating yoga again to help keep my mental health sharp.
  • Start the year fresh: In December, I had purged my makeup collection, being unapologetically honest about what I use/didn’t use. For months, opening that drawer had caused me a weird case of anxiety and cleaning it out was one of the most therapeutic things I could have done for myself. especially for this time of year! Usually at the start of every quarter, I try to mack-daddy clean my bedroom and this month is no exception. I want to clean my closet out, using that same unapologetically honest mentality with my clothes and getting rid of things that a) don’t fit, b) haven’t been worn and c) take up too much space.
  • Start the year smarter: I am a firm believer that you don’t need to pay for a college education to be successful. In college, I was one of those students who loved the structure of learning and creating study schedules and now I want to use that same thought process on the stockpile of online courses I’ve bought on StackSkills. I have been buying bundles online at severely discounted rates (like 95% off discounted rates) and want to start chipping away at them, without feeling overwhelmed. I also want to continue teaching myself Czech on Duolingo, and read at least three books this month. (I didn’t finish my GoodReads challenge for 2018, but I’m not letting it defeat my spirits – I’ll elaborate more on this in my Resolutions post for the year.)
  • Start saving your pennies: Buying a new car can be a very nerve-wrecking thing, but buying a new car while having travel plans and trying to budget for them can be even more daunting! I’m in a much better financial position in the long-haul, but it’s causing me to be more mindful about what I’m spending on and where I should be cutting costs.

What are your goals for January? Let me know in a comment!

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