stitch fix unboxing: january ’19

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New year, same stylist!

After becoming Instagram and Facebook friends with my Stitch Fix stylist Caitlin, I was even more touched with the thoughtful note she left in my box! She mentioned that her mother is a follower of my channel and that she loves how she can watch and see what pieces I can work into my wardrobe. It’s so cool that a service has allowed me to form an internet friendship and that my stylist is a real person, not just some robot picking pieces that may look good: Caitlin takes the time to ensure that I love every piece and even went back to previous Fixes to follow up on some suggestions.

Since the holidays are over and I’m in a weird lull period before jet-setting again, I didn’t have a single request! I recently purged my entire closet (thanks to a little inspiration behind Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix) and now I have a better idea of the things that I want to build my wardrobe, so moving forward I can give better suggestions to Caitlin.

Everything in this month’s Fix subtotaled $162.25, including the Buy All discount and the Styling Fee purchase credit. I would have been better off buying all the pieces, and gifting one of the pieces rather than sending back the one thing I didn’t love because it would have saved me $30. But, with the new year, I’m trying to be more responsible and not accumulate stuff I won’t need. 🤷🏼‍♀️

Here’s what Caitlin picked for my 19th overall Fix:

Kaileigh | Liesel Brushed Back Detail Knit Top in Large | $44

Like I mentioned earlier, I have been on a bit of a purge thanks to a binge of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo and I threw away a shirt that I had because it didn’t bring me joy… that looked identical to this one.

However, the soft brushed knit this of this top brings me so much joy! Normally, I’m not someone who opts for a v-neckline because I don’t love drawing a lot of attention to my chest (personally, I think it’s very disproportionate), but this one is flattering and the rest of the cut compliments well. I love the taupe and heather grey color because it’s more than just a basic neutral.

The brushed knit helps keeps you warm, but not uncomfortably warm. It’d be a good base layer for our upcoming trip to Prague and I might have to add it to my packing list!

This top is much more casual, so Caitlin suggested to wear this with a pair of joggers and sneakers with a grey stripped hoodie, or even with a pair of distressed jeans, a green military jacket and booties.

Pinque | Gwen Lace Detail Knit Top in Large | $42

Soft brushed knits have become a necessity in my closet. The softness of it makes it feel more casual, but the lace detail would allow it to be worn in a more professional scenario too. The light blue shade was wicked complimentary and made my eyes pop.

However, the cut of this top didn’t do a whole lot of complimenting my figure. It fell short on my midsection and the slits where the lace laid made my hips appear wider than need-be. The stitching in the arms made it look baggy and unshapely, which wasn’t very flattering. Even though it was incredibly cozy and comfortable, I didn’t feel confident in it and felt a little frumpy.

I wanted to justify keeping each piece in this Fix in an attempt to save the most money, so I had my mother try it on. Unfortunately, she didn’t like it either, so this was the one thing I returned.

For a casual approach, pair this top with a pair of embroidered jeans and nude accessories like a purse and flats and for the office, pair it with a black pencil skirt, a nude trench and leopard flats.

Market & Spruce | Kary Pull On Bootie in size 9 | $75

Caitlin took the initiative to re-send me a pair of booties after reading my suggestion of brown over the grey ones she sent a few month’s back. I love how thoughtful she was to fill in the gaps of my closet!

Even though I was still aiming for more of a cognac color, I immediately fell in love with these. The chocolate suede is neutral, doesn’t have a lot of flash to them with buckles and they feel incredibly sturdy so I don’t feel as guilty spending $75 on a pair of shoes. They also have a cushy insole so you don’t have to do a lot of breaking in.

Stone 33 | Terri Ponte Skinny Pant in 14 | $38

While purging my closet, I discovered that I am in a pretty dire need of navy blue pants. Navy blue is a standard in preppy, young professional outfits and maybe 2019 is the time to stop exhausting the black leggings.

It’s like Caitlin was reading my mind with these skinny pants. She knows how much I love a high-rise pant to slim my tummy area, so these were already a contender. These are a jegging material, so they act as some appropriate work attire, while remaining super comfortable. These pants reminded me a lot of a pair of Lily Pulitzer pants I had a long time ago, at nearly a third  of the price, so these are an absolute bargain!

My only problem is that these pants are a little long in length, but it’s nothing an imaginary hem or a cute heel can’t fix.

I would opt to wear these more at work and Caitlin suggested a grey blouse with loafers or a blouse with heels and a trench coat.

PINK CLOVER | Kaia Cocoon Cardigan in Large | $44

Mellow yellow. Cardigans are an absolute must during the winter months, especially for how unpredictable New York weather can be.

When I pulled this cardigan out, I was really hesitant about my feelings. Mustard yellow is one of those weird colors that looks good on some, but not all. (You may recall a long time ago, I received a mustard yellow dress that I loved.) It’s a bold color that I would be a little nervous to wear, but feel that I have enough ideas pinned on my Pinterest board to work it confidently.

Immediately, I snagged the French Grey dress for some inspiration to solidify my purchase. Ironically enough, Caitlin also suggested another French Grey dress and strappy heels as one of her outfit suggestions! She also suggested a flowy button-down and jeans.

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