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Hi, remember me? Sarah here. I think it’s been a minute since we’ve last checked in with one another, but new year, new me, right?

Happy New Year! (or happy three days into the new year by the time this post gets published.) I swore to myself that I wanted to hop back on the wagon, and in likely Sarah fashion, I’m already dropping the ball. But be honest, would you expect anything less from me?

Yes, my original game plan was to make a grand ole return to the internet by saying ‘Hey, I’m creating  content again!’ with a Resolutions post and get jazzed up for the year by hitting the ground running. However, that didn’t happen. Clearly because this post is NOT on January 1st.. Instead, I did what I’ve been doing for the better part of 2019, and spent it with some girlfriends as we rang in the new year on a night out.

And then proceeded to spend the entirety of New Year’s Day in bed with a gnarly hangover and binged plenty of episodes of Letterkenny. My entire plan of hitting the ground running in the new year was spoiled because someone had too many Tito’s & Sprites. (Me✋🏼.)

But, this isn’t a post about feeling bad for myself by wasting a day recouping from a night out. Instead, I’m using this as a learning tool moving forward into the new year: Sometimes, you have to listen to your body and don’t be so dang hard on yourself! It’s pretty evident that I’m my own worst critic (as I’ve often said but have an even harder time admitting) and 2019 was obviously a year of learning tough lessons and and even more sobering year of learning about who I am as a person. But, with the new year and the start of a new decade, it’s a perfect time to recreate yourself and manifest the world you want.

In the past, I have always had great success when it comes to writing my resolutions down and making myself accountable for them by sharing them with the entire internet. This year will be no different as I will break down four categories of focus I want to work on and better myself and making 2020 the year of prosperity and growth I want. Like always, each quarter I’ll check-in and tune my resolutions to keep up with progress made.


Clearly 2019 wasn’t a very content-heavy year for this website 🤷🏼‍♀️. After having admit that I used this website as a distraction from my failing relationship, I felt in a standstill once Ryan and I broke up. I didn’t have anything to post and I didn’t feel the same excitement when it came to wanting to create content. However, I also felt as if I was wasting time because I wasn’t. It was a Catch-22.

This website and my YouTube channel were both things that I was so proud of (and still am). I invested a lot of time and money into both and to see them lay stagnant made my heart ache. I loved sharing my life with the world and I felt so upset that I didn’t have a voice anymore or felt as if my life was boring. All I did was work, go to the gym and repeat the cycle day in and day out.

My best friend started a website and a social following of her own on Instagram and had asked me for some insight. Truthfully, I felt as if she couldn’t learn a thing from me because I had been out of the game for so long. But watching her grow her platform has truly inspired me to want to return to doing the thing I loved the most: writing and sharing my story. While going through these creative surges of watching my old videos for inspiration, watching some of my favorite influencers and getting the itch to do something productive, I bought a new camera and ring light and decided that I’m back. For real this time.

I don’t know what I’ll be posting, or when I’ll be posting but I can promise it will be much more consistent and it won’t be nearly six months since my last YouTube video

My 1st quarter creative goals are:

  • Rebrand my website/YouTube channel
  • Create a consistent posting schedule for both platforms


You’d think that being single would have been a money saver because I wasn’t spoiling a boyfriend. But rather, I spoiled myself. A LOT.

I’ve always had a pretty good idea of my financial standing at any point in time, but lately I had been on  a ‘treat yo’self’ binge and just bought whatever I wanted without hesitation. Friends wanted to go to dinner? I’m free on Saturday. Everybody’s going out tonight? First rounds on me. Want to go to Boston for the night to see your boyfriend? Sign me up.

I had done a lot of treating myself because it made me feel good. I bought a lot of new clothes because I was feeling much more happier in my skin and wanted to show myself off because I had worked damn hard for it. For so many years, I didn’t do things with friends because I had weirdly isolated myself in the thoughts I couldn’t be ‘happy’ without Ryan, but now I was always down for a good time.

I might have gotten myself into a bit of a pickle when it comes to money, but 2020 is a time to learn lessons the hard way and bite the bullet. A lot of my credit cards have incredibly high interest rates, and the biggest lesson of all was learning that you gotta chip away at it while the balances are low.. otherwise, you end up in the same boat as me.

However, I’ve been in this weird mindset of just doing things because you never know when your time will come. You can’t take the money with you when you go, so live a life you love and do what makes you happy now. You can make the money back later. And with this notion, one of my best friends and I booked a trip to Greece in February and are eyeballing another trip to Barcelona in November.

The money will always come back, but the opportunities won’t. However, I’d like to make $20 last me more than two weeks.

My 1st quarter financial goals are:

  • Consolidate my credit cards with the highest interest rates/balances
    • Chip away at the smaller balances and pay off two of those cards using my tax return money
  • Start saving money for our trip to Greece and any other future trips planned for 2020
  • Do a spending fast for one week per month


I’m just like every other soul on the planet when it comes to resolutions and want to get back into the gym and maintain a healthy lifestyle. But unlike a lot of us, I hope to really establish the habit and not fall off the wagon the first week of February.

Roughly a year and a half ago, I discovered 1st Phorm and have been a huge advocate for their program and products. For a long time, I had always struggled with finding a training program that offered both weight loss and muscle maintenance. If you follow me on Instagram, you might have caught a few stories about the confidence 1st Phorm and the Transphormation Challenge have instilled in me. It also helps that I’ve surrounded myself around people who constantly lift me up and make me feel just as great as I look.

However, I’ll be the first person to admit that I haven’t completed a Challenge from start to finish. Which is pathetic because I worship this program! Holidays, events or injuries always came up and I had never been able to fully finish a Challenge from start to finish, however this year will be different.

My biggest issue when it comes to my fitness goals is the dietary factor as well as my water intake. I’ve always had a difficult relationship with food and I’m very impulsive when it comes to eating. I’m adopting a ‘No Food’ Rule for the new year, where I won’t put myself in a box and limit what I allow myself to eat, but I’m making much more conscious decisions when it comes to what goes on my plate and what exactly I go back for seconds on. I also recently discovered HydroJug and have been loving mine because it forces me into playing a mental game with myself. Seeing how much water I’m suppose to intake in a day is daunting, but it’s oh so satisfying when you hit the goal.

My 1st quarter fitness goals are:

  • Lose 15 pounds – This breaks down to roughly five pounds a month
  • Drink at least one HydroJug a day
  • Log meals daily – Even though I admitted to a No Food Rule, it still helps me keep track of my macros which will help with the Transphormation Challenges
  • Incorporate yoga (or other active recovery) at least once a week – This also helps with my mental health, which I’m trying to be much more in tune with as well as flexibility in prevention of injuries


Last year I had an incredibly difficult time with crediting any growth in the year because I felt as if I accomplished nothing. I had nothing to show for it.

Let’s not get it twisted because I grew tremendously: I had gotten out of a toxic relationship (which has become more apparent just how toxic it was now that I’m out of it) and I had surrounded myself with such love and positive energy and had even looked further into my true self by dabbling in astrology.

But realistically, I still felt like I didn’t accomplish much. You might recall in my latest post that I had signed up for online college, but withdrew because the workload got to be too much. Looking back now, it was really a dumb idea from the jump, but it took a lot of me to accept and admit defeat. And I feel that alone makes me a smarter person.

I often admit how much I love learning and try to learn as much as I can in unconventional ways. I’m an avid listener of podcasts and you should consider me your phone-a-friend if you’re ever on Who Wants to be a Millionaire when it comes to conspiracies and serial killers. As an adult, I love the freedom of learning anything I want and want to continue that.

My 1st quarter intellectual goals are:

  • Continue teaching self Czech – I’m currently on a 62 day streak on Duolingo and I’ve been having so much fun with the language. I don’t have any plans on heading back to the Czech Republic anytime soon, but it is a fun fact when needed.
  • Read 6 books – Goal for the year is 25

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