sephora spring sale 2020 haul

Starter Set | Hair Mask | Toner  | Brow Gel | Eye Liner: Trooper | Volume PowderBrow Brush

It’s Sephora Sale time!

I don’t know about you, but I try to strategically plan when I do a big-shop at Sephora so I can get the most bang for my buck, so you already know I had a lot of things in my cart for this sale! Conveniently, I was starting to run out of some of my staple products and I was able to indulge and treat myself with some goodies as well. The nice thing about sale time is that the sale code has unlimited use, so seeing everyone’s goodies on IG stories has inspired me to take another look around!

I’m a Rouge member, so I was able to scope out the sale prior to it opening for VIB and Beauty Insiders, so listed below are the items that I snagged. Rouge members save 20% on their entire order from April 17 to May 1, VIB members can save 15% from April 21 to April 29 and Beauty Insiders can save 10% from April 23 to April 27. If you’re not a Beauty Inside member, sign up today so you can earn points to claim on samples!

Here are the products I picked up:

Benefit Cosmetics 24-HR Brow Setter Shaping & Setting Gel

This has been my tried and true brow gel for as long as I can remember! It’s something that I use every single day and always stock up on.

Sephora Collection Makeup Match Brow Brush  

Gross Confession Time: I’ve been using an old spoolie that I salvaged when I used to get my lashes done to maintain my brows in quarantine… It was more than time for an upgrade!

Love that this is a double sided brow brush, so I can line my brows with a pomade and brush them out all in one go. Plus, we love cheap, but quality brushes!

AMIKA Soulfood Nourishing Mask

I go through phases where I’ll stay loyal to a specific brand and try out their entire lineup. I was using DryBar religiously but after picking up AMIKA’s Jelly Exfoliating Shampoo and purple shampoo and conditioners (and 110% loving them!) I wanted to make the complete overhaul.

I’ve tested this mask a few times, and forgot how much I liked it. I’ve been incorporating masks into my weekly haircare routine and my current one was running low.

AMIKA Vandal Volume Powder Spray

You may have learned by now that I have a lot of hair and usually don’t opt for products that give a lot of volume. However, recently I’ve been experimenting with styling my hair in different ways, including a center part! I feel that sometimes teasing and hair-spraying my hair doesn’t give it the oomph it needs, so I wanted to try something new!

KVD Vegan Beauty Tattoo Eyeliner in Trooper

Alright, real talk: I have to admit something that I’m not super proud of. Half of my collection was KVD at one point in time, and it was my all-time favorite brand… but I refused to buy Kat Von D products because I couldn’t stand what Kat Von D did to Jeffree Star and overall, she seemed like a trash person…

But, besides the point. Y’all don’t know how ELATED I was to hear that she stepped down from the daily operations of the brand and KVD Vegan Beauty emerged. I had been struggling to find a black liner as perfect as Trooper and as soon as sale time hit, this was instantly in my cart. It’s hands down the best liner I’ve ever ever used and I won’t be going back to anything else anytime soon.

Grande Cosmetics The Power Couple Lash & Lip Cult Faves Starter Set 

Impulse buy warning: By no means did I a) have my eye on this or b) even remotely needed this set. Laura Beverlin on IG has sworn about the lash serum and girlie has some serious lash envy over how long her natural lashes look. Also, I miss my lash extensions something fierce and don’t feel like glueing falsies on daily..

I’ve used their lip plumper before and it’s the only plumper I liked that didn’t give me an awful reaction. Even though these are “sample sizes”, it’s a great starting point to see if it’s worth investing in down the road.

Mario Badescu Witch Hazel & Rosewater Toner 

This is the first time I have ever tried out a Mario Badescu product, but I feel this is a safe beginner’s choice! I’ve seen a lot of people preach about this toner, and since I was running low on my current one, I’m excited to learn about the hype!

All items have been linked for your shopping convenience at the top of this post 😌Happy shopping! xo

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