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Eye Buy Direct glasses: Notting Hill | Aria Beauty Detangling Electroplated Brush | DryBar Jump Start Quick Blowout Serum | DONNI. Ribbed Cardigan

Didn’t think I’d make it out with my sanity, but what an awfully boring ride April was!

It’s really hard to sit here and think of some highlights when I’ve been cooped up in my bedroom and deep in my thoughts. If we’re keeping it real, I found myself in my own head a lot with self-isolation and really struggled to keep a balance of work, gym and personal life.

Admittedly, April was a kind of a flop for me. I’m still finding it difficult to create a daily habit of being a self-starter at work, finding motivation to work out and making time for my friends, especially since I can’t see them. When faced with challenges, I often become reclusive and stay within myself, which has been almost too easy with quarantine. I really think that I got it in my head that there wasn’t much clarity with the stay-at-home orders and the uncertainty of the virus that my thoughts got overwhelmed and I just shut down.

However, since my job has made it pretty clear that even when the stay-at-home orders are lifted, our department is being asked to continue teleworking from home, so there’s no time like the present to re-learn habits. Hopefully May is a much better month when it comes to my mental health and habits… 🤞🏼

Here were some of my favorite products this month:

Eye Buy Direct Glasses

As much as I would love to wear my contacts all the time, they get costly and sometimes irritate my eyes. I didn’t ask to be blind, but at least I can grab some cute frames, right?

However, my past experiences with buying glasses has always been a hassle! They’re unnecessarily expensive and I often feel strapped on styles that work best for my face shape. Think about adding blue light filter lenses and you’re easily hundreds of dollars in the hole!

A few of my friends have talked about EyeBuyDirect (shop using my link and you’ll get $10 off your order!) and I figured I’d browse their website one night and fell in love with the Notting Hill frames. I was even more infatuated with their price tag of only $32! Adding my prescription was such a walk in the park and they were at my doorstep all within two days! I opted for the blue light filter lenses, which did become a little more costly, but it was well worth the money.

In all, I had bought three frames with my prescript lenses and it came to around $120. That’s less than just one pair of frames from the eye doctor! Plus, EBD runs a lot of sales and once you sign up for their loyalty program, they offer some incredible deals.

Middle Part Hairstyle & Curls

When you’re as bored as I’ve been, you switch things up. Like your hair part.

For years, I had trained my hair ‘to not have a part’. My hair wears heavily to the left, but for how much I play with it, it doesn’t necessarily lay any particular way, which made it very easy to transition into a middle part.

I’ve spent a lot of time on YouTube and Instagram lately and have experimented with new techniques on curling my hair and rocking the middle part. I plan on doing a tutorial on how to achieve this, so why don’t you just meet me in the middle and stay tuned for it?!

I’ve been able to achieve this hairstyle with the other hair products in my April Faves, so does this count as one favorite? Or three separate? 🤔

Aria Beauty Electroplated Brush

When I opened this in my FABFITFUN box, I thought it was just an overpriced hair brush, but boy was I wrong!

It’s so lightweight and glides through the hair, which is really convenient while blow-drying. It’s versatile because it also detangles the hair when using the brush vertically and smoothes everything out when using it horizontally. I don’t know what kind of sorcery is in its bristles, but I am truly amazed. I’ve never felt so passionate about a brush, but this has made me a believer after a handful of uses!

DryBar Jumpstart Blowout Serum

This product has become a staple in my hair routine and an absolute time-saver. I have thick hair (and a lot of it) and it used to take me forever to blow-dry my head, which is why I would often opt not to.

Ever since buying my DryBar Baby Buttercup dryer, I have been trying to get my money’s worth and blow-drying my hair more. Adding this product cuts my drying time in half, no exaggeration!

I’ve been using it for a while and already loved it, but pairing it with the brush has made my hair dry so much quicker and healthier overall since the two smooth everything out and allows for less heat on my hair with hot tools.

DONNI. Ribbed Cardigan

This was another gem in my FABFITFUN box that made the whole experience worthwhile. When I pulled it out, I was obsessed with the style and loved that I was able to snag it for an even cheaper price!

It’s a beautiful transitional coat for those chilly spring mornings but still remains lightweight as the day warms up. Its khaki grey color  is neutral enough to work with any outfit and the fact it has pockets makes it an even better find!

Waco (TV show)

It’s not often that I binge-watch television shows, but when I do, I don’t shut up about them. Waco has been no exception.

A friend had told me she and her boyfriend binged it in an evening and I had to drop everything to watch it. I dedicated an entire Sunday afternoon to watching it, gobbling up every second. You might recall that Cults made a favorites video in the past, and I thought I was well educated on what happened in Waco with the Davidians. But I was incredibly wrong.

It’s a quick watch and very thought-provoking, especially for the things going on in the current world. There isn’t a direct correlation, but there are some eerie similarities.

Intangible Item: Ability to focus on communication & relationships

Distance does indeed make the heart grow fonder…

Since we’re not able to physically see one another, my friendships and relationship have been relying solely on communication. I’ve never been the kind of friend to go out of my way and call someone first, but I’m always the first one to answer my phone, regardless the time of day. With my reclusively, this is more of a realization that I really need to work on my communication skills…

The quarantine has forced me into having those uncomfortable conversations that help build and allow relationships to flourish. Admittedly, I felt rather stagnant in my own personal development and being able to converse with zero hesitation has really helped get my mind in a much clearer spot. Being away from my people has made me realize just how lucky I am to have them and just how much tighter I’ll hug them the next time I see them (and if you know me, I’m not a hugger!)

I have been LOVING the nightly phone calls and FaceTime dates with my friends! I truly feel I’m so much closer to them now because we have no choice but to talk about our days and really connect with one another again, instead of posting everything to social media. Don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely been scrolling aimlessly and liking everything I see on Instagram, but I love the thought-provoking conversations more. I’ve had conversations about religion (something entirely foreign to me), thoughts and opinions on topics out of my wheelhouse, forcing me to become educated and teach myself things and overall learning about the people most important to me.

April ’20 Faves video 🎥

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