beachy waves hair tutorial

Aria Beauty Electroplated Brush | DryBar The Wrap Party Styling Wand | DryBar Triple Sec Spray | DryBar 100 Proof Treatment Oil | DryBar Mai Tai Spritzer Sea Salt Spray | Amika Vandal Volume Powder Spray

I have been training my hair for this particular moment: To be able to switch on the fly and achieve some beachy boho waves!

I follow a lot of influencers who have been rocking the middle part and their waves just look so much more flirty and fun, and I wanted in. For years, I’ve been consistent with how I curled my hair and realized that I’ve grown bored with it. Instead of doing something drastic to your hair in quarantine, a great alternative to switching up your hairstyle is simply switching your part.

This hairstyle takes me roughly 25 minutes from a sopping wet head to completely styled. It’s been my go-to style preference and I see this sticking around for a while!

Here’s how I achieve this look:

Products used

  • Hair brush
  • Curling wand – You can use a curling iron that has a clamp, but this is what I’ve been using
  • Hair oil
  • Finishing spray
  • Sea salt spray
  • Volume powder
I’ve linked all the products at the top of this post for your shopping convenience! 😌


This hairstyle can be done on clean hair, but personally find it works best with day two hair. If I do complete this look on clean hair, I make sure to use a heat protectant while blow-drying my hair prior. If not, spritz the hair to ensure you’re not damaging it!

Starting with dry hair, I section my hair as if I were going to put them in pigtails. Pin a side back so you can focus entirely on one side of your head.

From there, I take the section I’m working with and divide it into layers: a bottom, a middle and a top. Use your best judgement and follow how your hair parts to determine how big to make each layer, take the bottom layer and leave it out while pinning the rest away.

I personally like to work from the back of my head forward, so I take a small section and wrap it around the barrel of the curling wand, leaving it on for 5-7 seconds. (If your hair doesn’t hold a curl well, leave on for 10-15 seconds). For each section that I grab, I curl in opposite directions, so one will be away from my face, followed by towards my face. This helps break up the curls to give it more of a beachy wave as opposed to a ringlet curl. I like to pay more attention to the curls framing my face, making sure those are curled away, but I don’t particularly pay attention to the order of which way to curl the hair.

Curl bottom section, and continue up the hair, following the same process on each layer. Repeat on the other section.

I wait to apply product until my entire hair has been curled so there’s time for the waves to cool and fall. I apply a hair oil to break down some of those waves and make them more loose, focusing more towards the ends for some extra hydration. I follow up with a sea salt spray and a texturizing spray and lightly spritz the ends to add texture and grit so the ends don’t blend together.

Since the hair’s parted in the middle, I add a volume powder to the front sections of my hair to boost the hair and give it some life.

🎥 Tutorial video 🎥

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