at-home workout split

The Q hasn’t been kind to your girl’s waistline.

Alright. It’s time to sit down and have ‘the talk’ with myself: I’ve definitely put on some pounds and I feel gross beyond belief and downright disgusted with myself.

Last month, I took a crack at making my own workout split and really had a fun time making it. I was doing workouts I enjoyed doing and they weren’t wrecking my body’s ailments and I felt great for the first week. And then like every other month in this pandemic, I fell off the wagon. Hard.

This pandemic has really wrecked havoc on my routines and self-esteem. Not to air dirty laundry, but it hasn’t help that my boyfriend and I broke off our relationship in the middle of the month and I’m STILL struggling to find a balance between work and home life. To throw the lack of being able to go to the one place that I felt the most comfortable in, it’s ruined my psyche. Add me looking at old photos from the fall/winter when I was the happiest with my weight/looks, and I created the perfect storm of just being sad and frumpy.

However, I’m done making excuses. I’m done being unhappy with how I look. And since it’s now Single Sarah Summer, there’s no better time than to have that ultimate glow-up.

I’ve taken my past experiences with my weight loss and fitness journey to create a loose workout split that will work best for my schedule. This is a step back from where I was currently training six days a week in a gym, but with the lack of equipment in my home gym (that is my bedroom 😅) it’s the best I can work with.

Current Workout Split 🗓

MONDAY – Lower body & abs

TUESDAY – Upper body with focus on back/biceps

WEDNESDAY – Yoga with focus on meditation

THURSDAY – Lower body & abs

FRIDAY – Upper body with focus on chest/shoulders/triceps

SATURDAY – Active recovery (either a walk, hike or more yoga to help with flexibility)

SUNDAY – Total rest

At-Home Workout Split video 🎥

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