2020 Q2 resolution tune-up

Does anyone else feel like the second quarter (April, May and June) was just a big ol’ blur?

Each month, I sit here and recap how the month went and the only thing that comes to my mind is what a fluffin’ roller coaster. 🎢 The month starts out great, builds up to something not so great, and comes crashing down. But, add fire, since hey 2020.

Life in the Q has been like a real-life Groundhog Day: Every single day is the dang same! I wake up, get ready for the day, make a cup of coffee, log onto my work laptop, pepper in a workout (when life hasn’t thrown me some curveballs..), eat dinner and hang out with my family and go to bed. Just to do it all over again. I love monotony, but MAN, I’m TIRED.

It feels like the world around me is radically changing, especially with all the social (in)justices being brought to light. A lot of people are scared for the future, scared about what’s going on in the world, and to be frank, it’s a lot to deal with on top of a pandemic. My mental health has certainly taken a toll this quarter and a lot of the habits I worked really hard to maintain faltered. I can confidently tell you that my Financial and Fitness goals basically were squashed right from the jump and I definitely struggled to find any sort of motivation to create content or try to educate myself.

I feel like I was on auto-pilot for most of June and it’s really hard to sit down and discuss what highlights there were when it came to my goals. I mentioned in my June Faves, I broke up with my boyfriend of a year and I felt that a lot of the quarter was spent on trying to salvage a long-distance relationship in a pandemic. Unfortunately, we couldn’t, but c’est la vie. It is what it is and there’s not much more to elaborate.

Here’s how the second quarter went:


This might have been my best resolution and if you’ve been here for a while, you know this is a FIRST. 🚨

The main goal for the second quarter was to continue riding the high train from the trip to Greece and keep busting out content. I was really enjoying the content I was creating along both platforms and felt that it was a great way to occupy my mind. It’s not the first time I’ve admitted that this website has been an escape from my reality and this time was no different, I just didn’t have a failing relationship to distract myself from, but rather, the world falling apart..

April was definitely my busiest month, and May did fairly well. I completely dropped the ball in June. I had a lot more ideas I wanted to film or posts I wanted to publish, but my mentality was shot: I had been “partially laid off” and was adjusting to a 3-day work week with the same expectations and commitments to a 5-day work week; My relationship was failing and I refused to accept it; and the world seemed to be burning in front of our eyes.

Since I am on a condensed work schedule, I have a lot more free time. I’ve had friends suggest to really kickstart this website and make it something more than a hobby. Would I love to make a small commission on products? Sure, but that’s never been my goal here: I genuinely love sharing my reviews and things I’m loving. I’ve considered looking into growing a platform on my Instagram and possibly looking into what it takes to become a LikeToKnowIt blogger and that might be a major focal point in the third quarter along with creating consistent content.

My 3rd quarter goals are:

    • Continue to create content across both platforms (website and YouTube channel)
      • Create a semi-reliant posting schedule for content
    • Research LTK methods and how to become a small stream influencer


I got rocked with the financial instability bug in the second quarter. For most of the Q, I was fortunate to receive my normal paycheck and was working full time, but in the middle of May, we were told that my organization was going to be putting its employees on a “partial unemployment” in lieu of furloughs and layoffs. Looking at it now, I guess it was the best-case in a worst-case scenario, but it’s still been a stressor trying to rebalance my financial comforts.

This resolution is hard to discuss since it will be radically changed in the third quarter, which I will explain in a future post when I’m more comfortable doing so. When I filmed this video, it was prior to learning about some things that will happen later and I will discuss those soon, I promise. But this is supposed to be focused on the second quarter and those second quarter goals were scrapped midway through (honestly, I kind of forgot to look back on this post and realized I didn’t do any of them when filming the video for this…).

My 3rd quarter goals:

    • Sit down and finally tackle credit card debt by means of a credit counselor, or discussing options with a financial institution/bank
    • Start building my savings (again)
    • Research investing options – I’ve had a Robinhood account for well over a year and I have no idea what I’m doing with it 😅 Figured there’s no time like now than trying to invest in a nest-egg


We might as well just skip this one in general…

The third quarter was not kind to my waistline, my diet or my overall perception of myself. I struggled tremendously with my mental health, which in hand turned into affecting my physical health. I haven’t officially weighed and measured, but I wouldn’t be hesitant to say that I absolutely put on 15 pounds and feel the heaviest I’ve ever been. I don’t feel good in my own skin, and it’s been really weighing on me. Figuratively and literally.

The third quarter is going to be a time of selfishness. I’m happiest in the gym, and even though I can’t be in a gym, I’m able to redevelop a relationship with working out. I sat down and etched a road map on how to be successful, I bought a lot of new equipment I’m excited for and I really am ready to snatch my happiness back.

My 3rd quarter goals:

    • Continue creating monthly workout splits with workouts that I’m excited to do
    • Re-re-establish relationship with working out


Since my mental health really took a hit, I find myself just making a lot of excuses.

When it came to hammering out a routine, it always felt like one step forward, seven steps back. Just when I hit a groove and felt comfortable with the idea of doing all facets from home, something extreme happened (my job, my relationship, the world, etc.). I’m not going to sit here and pretend that it hasn’t been a struggle to find balance and even four months later, I still don’t know what I’m doing.

The only positive to come out of this, was that I had a 75-day streak on Duolingo.. The negative was I read a book that infuriated me so much that I’m still steaming about it lol.

For the third quarter, it’s time to be incredibly selfish and focus entirely on me. It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down and really thought about what I want to accomplish in life, which direction I want to head in, what will make me the most successful. Last fall I did something spontaneously stupid and applied to an online course through my work and was vastly unprepared for it. Maybe now is the time to explore other avenues on continuing an education. Maybe now is the time to hammer out a life plan, no matter how uncomfortable it is.

My 3rd quarter goals:

  • Establish habits of writing things down when they cross my mind and taking action in completing them
  • Research possibility of returning to college to obtain Bachelor’s Degree through union program offered through work
  • Continue to teach self Czech on Duolingo (and keep streak alive by time of filming for third quarter)
  • Read a collective total of 18 books

🎥 2020 Q2 Resolution Tune-Up video 🎥

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