july ’20 faves

Olay Premium Body Wash with Vitamin B3 & Collagen  | Riddle Oil Original Roll-On Oil | Kristin Ess Ceramic Curling Iron 1″ | SweetSweat Waist Trimmer Belt & Workout Enhancer | Stars Above Beautifully Soft Robe: BlackTrue & Co. Bralettes |

Oh lord, when it rains, it pours.

I must have jinxed myself when I posted my June Faves because in that post, I hoped the second half of 2020 wouldn’t suck as much. Boy, was I WRONG!

If you checked out my latest GRWM, I devolved into a lot of the events that are going on in my life. In snapshot: I broke up with my boyfriend, was involved in a hit and run, and found out I had to move. All within a span of a week.

What can I say: When it rains, it pours. No, but seriously. Our roof has been leaking and it’s been leaking in my bedroom above my bed. So pepper that on top of all of the other stress!

July was definitely the most challenging month of 2020 thus far; balancing a hectic work load on a condensed schedule, maintaining relationships without entirely shutting down, and just making sure to listen to my body and give it what it needs without entirely sabotaging my hard work. It’s been a lot of changes all at once, and I know I felt overwhelmed for the entire month. No matter I did, it felt like for every step I took, I was taking six back. It was just a LOT to process.

However, July was a really humbling month for me because it made me realize just how lucky I am to have my people in my corner. So many friends reached out when they found out what was going on, offered to help us find a place and to help us pack and move. I often joke that I’m a lousy friend, but it made me realize that I truly am blessed to have the people I do. They’re the real MVPs ❤️.

I’ll be putting a lot of my spending habits on hold with the move and other financial obligations, so moving forward, I won’t be spending as much on new products. Rather, I intend on recycling a lot of old faves and being less wasteful. (Which might lead to me doing something like a #ProjectPan in the future.) Just want to be transparent with my audience because I know there are some of you who are always interested in deals I find online. I’ll just be browsing instead.

Here were some of my favorite products in July:

Olay Collagen Body Wash

A body wash that firms the skin as it cleanses and moisturizes? Sign me up!

It’s no secret that I’m an avid user of anything Sol de Janeiro, but I have to admit the Brazilian 4-Play isn’t my favorite product in their lineup. Even though it smells fantastic, I feel as if it doesn’t lather up into a rich, creamy consistency that I desire. Since it’s more on the pricier side, I don’t love using it all the time.

Laura Beverlin shared this on her IG a while back (like, start of the Q while back) and I had picked it up on a Walgreen’s run pre-pandemic. I forgot I had it since I was finishing up a shower gel from Bath & Body Works under my bathroom sink but when I first used it, I was obsessed with how it smelled! It has a very luxe, clean scent that fills up the shower, like a little spa treatment for yourself.

It lathers into a really rich, sudsy cream and moisturizes my skin, leaving it feel soft to the touch. Collagen is super beneficial to the skin, which helps firm it with continual use. I was always an avid user of Bath & Body Works products prior to hopping on the Sol de Janeiro bandwagon, but I have to admit I’ve been loving this for those in-between washes, especially at only $7.99 for a 17.9 fluid ounce bottle!

Riddle Oil Original Roll-On Oil

This was a goodie I received in my Summer FABFITFUN box and if you caught my video, you’d know how much I loved this roll-on perfume! It mixes with your body’s chemistry to create a scent that’s unique to you.

My unique scent reminded me a lot of the Pure Romance’s Basic Instinct Sex Attractant. It was light, clean and just the right amount of musk to make it smell sexy and adult-like. Since this is a roller, I was anxious to see if the scent would be strong enough to last all day, but I was seriously impressed. It lasted all day and then some!

After doing some research, I learned that the bottle should last about six months and it doesn’t have any harsh ingredients, making it great for those with sensitivity to scents. They also have a bunch of other scents like Voyeur (vanilla, sandalwood & amber) and Muse (coconut, peony & peach) that would definitely be worth checking out.

Kristin Ess Ceramic Curling Iron in 1-inch

When I threw out my tried and true curling iron I bought back in high school for the DryBar Wand Party, I felt as if I would never use a curling iron again…

… Until I chopped all my hair off a year later.

Emily over at Champagne & Chanel on IG did a product comparison with this curling iron against the ghd one, and said that this was a perfect dupe. Since I’m tight on my pennies now, I figured I could spurge on a $50 curling wand, and I’m so glad I did. I opted for the 1-inch since my hair is shorter and felt that it would be easier to handle.

It takes less than a minute to warm up, and has four different heat settings (up to 425°F, I keep mine at 365°F), plus it has an automatic shut-off. My curls hold really well with this curling iron and it gives me the perfect beachy waves without snagging or frizzing my hair.

It’s not the first time a Kristin Ess product has made a favorites, and I’m quickly learning that her lineup is a great alternative for cheaper salon-quality hair products. I plan on checking out some more from her collection in the future.

SweetSweat Waist Trimmer Belt & Workout Enhancer

I feel like it’s not super fair to throw this in a favorites, but for the two weeks I used it before life went to 💩, I couldn’t shut up about it or stop sharing it on my IG Stories.

I haven’t been genuinely excited about a workout product in a long time. But, if you haven’t bought yourself the SweetSweat Waist Trimmer, RUN AND PLACE YO AMAZON ORDER NOW!!!

This is the only waist trainer that fits my waist area in a decent fashion. I’m not going to say he fits me perfectly, since my stomach hangs low but my waist cinches in like an hourglass, but he fits pretty dang well. After reading the reviews on Amazon, I opted to size down to a Large, and I’m really glad I did, since I feel like I’d be swimming in the XL.

The inside of the belt has a rubbery material that repels the sweat and it’s so easy to clean after use. Plus, you can throw it right in the wash to ensure it’s squeaky clean. Truthfully, it might all be because of the Workout Enhancer, because it heats your body up to help burn more calories. Admittedly, it’s a little gross to see how much ‘liquid’ comes off of the belt (Is it sweat? Is it the enhancer? Is it those Crook & Markers I drank yesterday?), but it’s honestly so satisfying to unwrap yourself and see it.

These two are seriously black magic: It increase my calories burnt in a single workout and the amount of sweat/water weight I cut was completely unreal. Once I move and get back on the Fitness Horse, I’m really excited to see how much water weight I can cut with this waist trainer.

Stars Above Beautifully Soft Robe

Never thought I would be as obsessed with an article of clothing like I am with this robe, but here we are 🤷🏼‍♀️

I’ve been on the market for a long while for a robe, but I wanted something that wasn’t your grandmother’s house robe. I wanted something that I would feel sexy in, but didn’t need the whole world seeing my nether region, you feel me?

This hits at a PERFECT length, coming right above my knees and it’s so incredibly soft, even after washing it a few times. It’s lightweight enough that I’m not sweating to death in it, but it keeps me warm on those chillier nights when I sleep with the windows open. Plus, it has pockets. Win/win.

The best part about this robe is the price point! I found this at Target for under $30 and it’s something I already want to buy more of. I’ve been super impressed with their sleepwear selection and I’ve been buying a ton of their pajama sets (since your girl hasn’t bought pajamas for herself in a minute).

True & Co. True Everybody Bralettes

Y’all. I have been absolutely SLEEPING on some of the collabs that Target does with brands because I have found a new obsession: True & Co.

My girl Kennedy Frazer was talking about True & Co. on her IG Stories and I recalled hearing the name, but when I saw them at Target, I thought ‘okay, I’ll bite’. These are HANDS DOWN the BEST GD BRALETTES I HAVE EVER WORN! They’re seamless, so no uncomfortable buckles or straps, they smooth everything out and they give me just enough support for the girls.

I bought one bralette in store, and then immediately went on the Target app and bought two more when I came home to try it on. I don’t ever want to wear a real bra again.

Intangible: Solid relationships

In a snapshot: July sucked. But, I did realize I have some good ass people in my corner.

The older I’ve gotten, the more I realize that it’s about the quality of friendships as opposed to the quantity of friendships. I am so incredibly lucky for my best friends who checked in on me, swinging by the house, sending me countless postings on Zillow for house rentals, and offering to sacrifice a weekend to come help us move. It was really overwhelming to realize how lucky I am to have them.

I’ve always considered myself a likable person and someone who has a decent amount of friends, but when life got messy, it was so reassuring to have a friend let me vent, or have someone put out feelers for houses. But in the same breath, I also learned that sometimes the ones that you think were going to be there in your trying times, simply aren’t.

I’m really a private person and don’t share a lot of my problems, since I’m usually the fixer in situations: I rationalize everything and always try to see the grey areas. But, for once I needed someone to help me make sense of it all. I thought I could call some people ‘ride or dies’, but I came to a hard realization that sometimes people aren’t going to be that for you. Maybe it’s selfishness, or maybe they’re dealing with their own business, but after the countless times of being there for someone to NOT have it reciprocated, stung like a bitch.

However, it did teach me that if someone’s not going to celebrate your high points in life, or stand by you at your lows, then you don’t need them. I’ve got nothing for love for everyone, but, like an elephant..

July ’20 Faves video 🎥

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