september ’20 faves

Billie Razor: Blush | Fur Ingrown Concentrate | Olaplex Bond Repair Trial Kit | HeyDay Round Strap Bluetooth Speaker: Black | A New Day Women’s Wide Down Brim Fedora Hat  | GetUpside App 

Do you remember any part of September, because I sure as hell don’t.

Personally speaking, September was a pretty strenuous month on my family. My grandmother was diagnosed with a stubborn UTI, so a lot of the month was spent between hospital trips and taking care of her. Luckily with some medicine and rest, she’s feeling much better, but it’s been an added stressor to an already hectic year.

Just like any other month in 2020, it ended before I could even order a PSL from Starbucks. I’ll touch on this topic a little later in this post, but I really need to get a better grip on my time since my favorite holiday (Halloween 🎃) is coming up and I really want to enjoy every single moment of it, especially when I’m still partially furloughed and will have even more time to get spooky.

I’m (slowly) getting back into routines and habits, I’m finding what’s working and what isn’t in the new space. Took me long enough, but as I’m housesitting/dog watching for a friend, I realize just how much my house feels like a home and just how dang grateful I am to have created a space I want to spend every moment in.

Billie Razor

There was a point in time that every single ad on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook was for the Billize Razor, so we can partially blame the FBI agent in charge of my phone for this one… And also the influencers and friends I have that have used and sworn by this razor.

I used to be an avid lover of Dollar Shave Club and swore highly about the Executive razor. It was the closest shave I ever got and never ever had nicks or cuts. Even though it was a damn good razor, I stopped using it because the fact it was designed and created for men made me feel a little weird about using the product.

I’d seen SO MANY PEOPLE talk about the Billie and how it was the closest, best shave they’ve ever gotten. Amanda had purchased one, and she swore it as gospel. She let me use it on our girls’ retreat, and admittedly, I didn’t like it at first: The handle felt weird in my hand and I was scared at how sharp the blade was because she had told me about how she nicked herself pretty good the first time she used it.

After I ran out of the cheap razors I bought at Walmart, I figured I’d treat myself with a Billie, just to try it for myself.  I seldom get razor burn, or nick myself and my shave lasts longer than traditional razors. At only $9 to start, and $9 for four blade replacements, it’s so hassle-free. You can decide how often you want a refill of your blades, and I currently have it for every two months.

Fur Ingrown Concentrate

We’re about to get real intimate here, so let’s not be prude: We’re talking pubic hair.

I’ve been shaving my bikini/pubic area since I was about 17, and in that entire time, I have always had the WORST razor burn. It’s constantly bumpy and irritated and before we continue, no, I have never thought about waxing. Not that I’m *totally* against it, but the thought of having to let it grow out to wax it, just for it to be smooth for maybe a week or two just to grow it back out to wax again sounds a lot more annoying that just dealing with razor bumps.

After shaving with the Billie Razor and applying this oil, I noticed zero new bumps form. The bumps I did have were less irritated and with continued use, they seem to shrink or even disappear. This is technically suppose to be used as a spot treatment for stubborn ingrown hairs, but I’ve been using it as an all over treatment and noticed better results. I’m anxious to see if with long-term use if I can completely eradicate those bumps I’ve struggled with for years, but in the short-term I feel more confident and sexy knowing that it’s smooth like butter.

Olaplex Bond Repair Trial Kit

Friends don’t let friends have unhealthy hair, so shout out to Amanda for steering me in the right direction.

I know a lot of people that swear Olaplex as THE holy grail hair product that everyone needs, including my own mother who doesn’t believe in name brands like I do. I’ve always wanted to try it out, but admittedly I was hella skeptical.

When Amanda came up for our girl’s retreat, she promised to bring some self-care products, like sheet masks and a trial size of the Olaplex system. We completed the system while having a slumber party in the hotel room, and I noticed my hair felt softer and healthier, but I wasn’t totally sold.

A few months later, I still had the shampoo and conditioner left over and packed them away while housesitting/dog-watching for a friend. Just using the shampoo and conditioner made my hair feel so soft and it looked shinier and healthier. After a one time use, and not even using the whole system!

I already made a pact with Amanda to raid the Sephora holiday bundles for Olaplex, because I am that hooked on it. It’s also convenient that I’m running out of my regular shampoo and conditioner and want to switch it up…

Heyday Round Strap Bluetooth Speaker 

Self-care can look like a lot of things: Meditation, yoga, or blasting music while you get ready for the day.

A few days after settling into the new house, I realized that I was missing something. I spend a lot of time in my bathroom since it’s where my makeup is and something just felt off. Then I realized I was constantly blowing out my iPhone speaker while playing music while getting ready.

Admittedly, I had never been the kind of person to listen to music while showering because I always shared a bathroom and usually shower at night, when my family is winding down for bed. However, when I would shower while home alone, you bet I had the jams crankin’ and those were the best kind of self-care days.

I didn’t want to break the bank on a speaker, and this was a great solution. The battery lasts up to 10 hours and charges quickly. The sound itself is perfect for a bedroom/bathroom, but is also great for a jam session. I used it at a family barbecue and it was the perfect addition since the sound wasn’t that intrusive, but people still loved the playlist I selected.

It’s super small and convenient to travel with, so your music is always within reach. I thought I recalled seeing that it was ‘waterproof’, but looking at the Target website, it didn’t say that. I keep mine outside of the shower and on my window sill and haven’t run across any issues.

A New Day Women’s Wide Down Brim Fedora

Right before the start of quarantine, I made a Marshall’s run and bought the cutest sunhat from Nine West and vowed that I’d wear it any chance I could. I held true to my word, and I quickly learned that maybe, just maybe, I can be a hat person.

Following some girls on IG, I noticed a lot of them wearing cute fedoras and I immediately felt some FOMO. A common theme I sensed was Gigi Pip, but after browsing their website, I knew I wasn’t going to spend nearly $100 on a hat. I had to start out small scale, a small investment before jumping in with both feet first.

During a Target run for mouthwash (and mouthwash only…), I happened to walk by their accessories and saw this brown fedora and immediately fell in love. It was the exact shape, color and style that I wanted in a Gigi Pip, but for nearly a quarter of the price! I’ve worn it a handful of times and every time I got complimented.

After trying to find any excuse to wear the brown one, I went back and bought it in black. I feel that lately I’ve been having a style overhaul, and the black fedora gives me the witchy vibes I’ve been craving, especially for spooky season.

Hats are such an easy way to accessorize an outfit and make it complete. Plus, on the days I haven’t washed my hair in a questionable amount of time, no one has to know if you throw a hat on. 🤷🏼‍♀️

GetUpside App 

Since moving out of town, I have been racking up miles and using a lot more gas with my daily commutes. Even though I have a car that’s great on gas mileage, I like to pinch pennies whenever possible.

Enter GetUpside! I discovered GetUpside through Dede over at @DressUpButterCup on IG after her husband Ted was talking about how he earned cash back just for fueling up. Figuring it was too good to be true, I signed up using his promo code and earned $2.51 in cash-back the very first time!

This app is so easy to use: One you arrive to your gas station that has an offer, you check in and use your linked bank card to pay for the transaction. You have a few minutes to pump your gas and that’s all you have to do! The cash back will hit your account within 2-4 days and you can cash out your earnings on gift cards for places like Target, Amazon and Starbucks or opt for it to be deposit into your PayPal or mailed in a check.

So far to date, I’ve saved up nearly $7, which is enough to pay for two of my new addiction of Iced Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes from Dunkin. It’s a relatively new app, so not many locations are open, but luckily for me, it’s accepted at a gas station that’s right on my commute to work. GetUpside also offers cash back on restaurants and grocery stores, but since I live in a smaller city, that option isn’t available just yet.

If you use my referral link, you’ll receive $14 cash back the first time you use GetUpside! See my referral link at the top of this post. ☺️

Intangible: Anxiousness

This is going to be a really weird intangible item to discuss, because I always try to find a silver lining in everything. To find growth, sometimes we have to go through an awkward patch… Cue Michael Scott.

So, it’s not a secret that I’ve really been struggling to find some sort of normalcy in the Q. There are days that I feel like I’m slipping into a depressive episode, not feeling motivated to do anything  but wanting to binge eat and watch everything on Netflix, but then the next day, I want to entirely overhaul my entire life, jump into a brand-new career and scrap my 5-year plan and start all over.

I’m a self-deprecating person and usually I’m very difficult on myself when I sit idle for too long. At the start of the month, I had been feeling very hard on myself because I had put on a few pounds, but it gave me the motivation to lose those pounds (and then some), hence the discovery of the fitness app. I’ve been thinking about all those online courses I bought YEARS ago, and figured no better time than on my days off to chip away at them. With Spooky SZN quickly approaching, I want to dabble in SFX makeup. I want to clean and organize my closet. I have a lot of things that I want to accomplish, but not nearly enough hours in a day.

I know it’s not just me that has been very anxious this year, as the Q hasn’t been kind to all of us mentally. I try to distract myself to ease my anxiousness and even though I have a million and one thoughts running through my mind, it’s giving me a lot of inspiration of cross things off of my To-Do list. All concept of scheduling has been completely tossed from the window in 2020, but since I have a lot of projects in the hopper, I really need to sit down and prioritize my time.

September ’20 Faves video 🎥

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