2020 Q3 resolution tune-up

I thought the second quarter was a lot to digest, but god DANG the third was relentless! I feel like I made this same ‘joke’ in the last quarter, but I still feel as if I’m on a roller coaster and I cannot catch my dang breath.  I blinked my eyes and we’re already midway through October. HOW?!

July was probably the worst month of my young adult life, for obvious reasons: I broke up with my boyfriend, my income/job was being heavily tampered with, oh, and I had to move. Flash-forward to August where I lived out of boxes for the first two weeks of the month and settling into the new space which provided some new inspiration and excitement. September was rekindling a lot of friendships I pushed to the wayside because I needed time to cope with everything that happened. It’s been an absolute seesaw trying to balance it all.

I honestly think I’m still on auto-pilot because it’s really hard to find any sort of urgency when it comes to this pandemic. Seasonal depression mixed with pandemic depression has me wanting to completely restart my life, but feeling overwhelmed at the unknown. I want to get my life in order, but it’s scary to not know when life will resume to normal (if it ever will….). I feel myself becoming negligent with a lot of my core values like my fitness and fiscal responsibilities and yet I also feel as if I’m making a lot of excuses. The world’s heavy now, which is why I feel like I haven’t truly processed everything that’s going on and in hand, makes it hard to articulate wtf happened the last three months 😅

I’ve had a hard time admitting to myself that I have been struggling a lot mentally with trying to balance it all. It took me even writing this post to acknowledge that the third quarter simply wasn’t a season of growth. Reflecting on it now, it should be something that lights a fire under my tush next season.

Here’s how the third quarter went. Head’s up, it wasn’t very good:


Whenever life gets overwhelming and I can’t handle it head on at the moment, I find solace in creating content and deep diving into my website… I mean, it’s what I did with a failing relationship for two-plus years… but at least we can laugh about it now!

I wanted to work on creating a more consistent posting schedule, but felt it was difficult with the move. I had set intentions for myself to research avenues on becoming a LikeToKnowIt blogger, but it plummeted to the bottom of my To-Do list. I’ve always stressed that this website is a hobby of mine, and therefore I felt that I slacked a lot more this quarter since it wasn’t something that ‘needed’ to be done: I could pick it up whenever I wanted to.

A friend who also used to be a fashion blogger on IG and I were talking one day about how we both felt unmotivated or even struggled to find things to post lately. For her, she wasn’t buying clothes and was dealing with her own life endeavors and felt that it was overwhelming to balance. For me, I think it’s been a lack of confidence in myself (which I’ll elaborate more in the Fitness section) and just the difficulty of the pandemic really weighing heavy on my brain.

My YouTube channel is something I take a lot of pride in and want it to grow. I hit 300 subscribers (& to you who are subscribed THANK YOU!!!) and it has me inspired to share even more content on a variety of topics. Recently, I received a ‘promotion’ (for lack of a better word) at work, in which I will be working primarily with the social media component of my organization. It’s something I’ve always wanted to dabble in, and with branding and creating an image for my community, it’s got me inspired to work on myself too.

My 4th quarter goals are:

    • Continue to post content on a semi-consistent schedule
    • Research LTK methods and how to become a small stream influencer


I don’t even want to discuss this section because I feel as if this is where most of my stress stemmed from. I wasn’t on top of my finances like I should have been, and with my condensed work schedule, I felt like I barely looked at my bank account because frankly, I was scared to. I never felt financial struggle during the pandemic until I was forced onto a Shared Work program, and even though I was fortunate enough to not be totally drowning, I can’t imagine those who have been struggling since March.

Looking back on my third quarter goals, I don’t think I did any of the things I set out to do. I subconsciously told myself to go on a spending freeze, but acted impulsively with my debit card. I felt stressed, so I’d go to Target and spend more money I shouldn’t have. I definitely wasn’t as responsible as I should have been, and again, it goes with an overall confidence issue and the weight of the pandemic finally hitting me.

Right now, I ignore my financial problems because I’ll be back to full-time and should be receiving my regular paycheck sooner than anticipated. As I mentioned prior, I got a ‘promotion’ and with that included a fairly nice pay raise. This will certainly help in the future.

My 4th quarter goals are:

  • Sit down and finally tackle credit card debt by means of a credit counselor, or discussing options with a financial institution/bank
  • Start building my savings (again)


I thought I didn’t want to talk about my financial resolution, but I really don’t want to talk about my fitness resolution.

It’s not a secret that the pandemic has been hitting me hard: The uncertainty, the inability to come up with a routine in the Groundhog Day that has been this year. My normal course of actions have been rocked, and I’m not handling the changes well and the first thing to be hit the hardest was my fitness goals.

I thought that I was in a solid routine, but when it came time to work out, I had zero desire. I bought enough equipment to feel as if I would have adequate workouts at home, but didn’t feel the spark I once had to want to work out. I even found a new program that I was really excited about, but fell off the wagon midway through the week. Repeat the cycle ever dang week.

I froze my membership at my gym because realistically I knew I wouldn’t be comfortable with working out with a mask on. As I’ve mentioned in these resolution posts before, I need to focus on my ideology about simply working out, as opposed to relating working out at a gym.

My eating habits have been even more trash than my lack of motivation. Although I haven’t been drinking as much, I have been a munching fiend and want to snack on everything. The holidays around the corner won’t make it any easier, but with my renewed schedule, I’m hoping that I can find the motivation I need.

My 4th Quarter goals are:

    • Re-establish relationship with working out
    • Log food into MyFitnessPal daily


Let’s hit the trifecta: Yeah, my intellectual goals went to trash too, so let’s not really talk about them 🤣.

I used to be super successful and felt that I had a great grip on my life, but I have absolutely fallen off the wagon this year. All I’ve wanted to do this quarter is scroll on my phone or watch television, nothing of substance to better myself. I always loved learning and teaching myself something new, but lately I’ve been in such a head fog.

Looking back, none of them were realistically obtainable with the hand life dealt me in that season, so moving forward, I want to be much better about just getting back to basics. Redevelop the habits that made me successful and find that spark to light my fire.

My 4th quarter goals are:

      • Get back into habit of making daily to-do lists
      • Devote at least two hours each week to educate self in social media/content creation for job/personal hobby

🎥 2020 Q3 Resolution Tune-Up video 🎥

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