2020 resolutions wrap-up

I think I speak on behalf of everyone when I say good riddance, 2020!

Aside from this little thing called coronavirus that literally changed everyone’s lives, personally speaking 2020 was hands-down my most challenging year yet. If you’ve read my Resolutions Tune-Ups from this year, you might have gathered that it was a rollercoaster; just when I thought I was on the way up the mountain, I would plummet to the valley. 

The year started out with so much potential: I had gone and explored Greece with one of my best friends; I had finally found a solid group of friendships; I had grown such a confidence and relationship with the gym and working out; I was educating myself daily and overall felt fantastic about the direction I was heading. Until the pandemic slowed all progress down.

I feel like I’ve made excuse after excuse for why I struggled this year, rather than just accepting that this year was hard on all of us. It wasn’t meant to be a cakewalk. The first few months of the pandemic, I felt myself have such a vigor and weird sense of optimism for trying to reground after learning so much about myself on my trip. Things were great until the summer, where life threw some curveballs. I still managed to dip and dive with minor struggles, until November came and sidelined me with a positive case of COVID. 

I discussed throughout the year how shaky my mental health has been through this whole lockdown/pandemic, but November really rocked me with sitting in isolation and focusing on what I really had (or had not) accomplished through the year. But, it goes back off the same sentiments mentioned: It’s just been a hard year on all of us.

Between the quarters, I rode the rollercoaster and with the last quarter, I was unusually hard on myself. However, recapping the year as a whole, I was able to keep my head above water and sometimes surviving the day is a bigger task than getting anything else on your list. 

Here’s how the four main categories went: 


If we’re going to be realistic, this might have been my best resolution of the year, and if you’ve been around for a while, you’ll really know just how wonky 2020 really was if that was the case! 

Throughout the year, I had set some rather low expectations when it came to my creativity goals: Just make content you’re proud of. However, the more lax my goals were, the more excited I was about putting stuff out there. I didn’t have any pressure or felt any obligation and I was able to post what I wanted to, on my own time.

There were certainly points in the Q that I felt I could have been doing more, but I had finally had that talk with myself and came to the realization that this is simply a hobby. If I want to post hauls of good deals I found for Sephora Beauty Insider time, I could; If I wanted to discuss my skincare regime in full detail, I could; or if I just wanted to sit down and catch up on life, I could. 

Since I feel as if I have found that niche I want to discuss (… nearly three years in the making), I’m more excited about creating content that I WANT to in the future among all of my platforms. I made a goal a while back on doing some research how to become an influencer, and it’s something I can set in motion come the New Year now that I have a new-found sense of self. 


Anytime I make one of these Resolution posts, I always reference the old ones to see exactly how I did and well… just throw the whole dang resolution out.

Granted, we lived through a pandemic and one of the hardest economic hits in my lifetime. I was fortunately to retain my position and my benefits, but I was partially furloughed for the summer, which certainly made it difficult to make ends meet. I won’t ever stress this enough, but shoutout to my parents for not kicking me out because there was zero chance of living on my own. At one point in time, I was afraid to open my bank accounts because I didn’t want to see the damages.

But then, I got a promotion and a raise and I sucked it up and looked at my statements and said it was time to get to work on paying my bills. This year has definitely been a ‘treat yo’self’ kind of year, but with 2021, I want to be more financially responsible and with an impending shutdown looming overhead, it might be the perfect time to put my spending on hold. 


And while we’re at it, toss this one out too…

I don’t want to have this conversation, but you know I have to keep it authentic and true: This year completely derailed me of any and all fitness habits and goals I had ever established for myself. I have been on this fitness journey for five years now, and this is the hardest I have ever fallen off the wagon. That shiz left me in the d u s t.

As much as I would try to make efforts of working out at home, I was consistently unsuccessful and couldn’t understand why. I had to break it down and get to the root of it: I had formed such a relationship with the gym that even just working out outside of it was difficult than intended. I needed to form a relationship with working out, not just the gym.

It was no secret I had gained a bit of weight in the Q, I just didn’t want to admit it to myself even though I would see how my clothes fit or how I’d look in the mirror. Admittedly, I’m not at my heaviest weight ever, but it’s close enough to cause me to get my booty in gear. 


The one takeaway I learned from 2020 is that when I apply myself into constructive and beneficial behavior, I flourish and when I step away from that, I absolutely crumble. 

I’ve often said that I love learning and often try to teach myself new things. I started the year with wanting to continue teaching myself a language, read and lose myself in stories with my Reading Challenge, and even wanted to crack into those courses I bought eons ago. The days I made the efforts, I felt great mentally and more at ease with everything going on in the crazy world of 2020. 

When I stepped away from doing those habits, my mental health took a major decline. My anxiety was a lot worse and I felt constantly overwhelmed. If anything, I learned that keeping my mind busy is a sure way to ensure my success. 

2020 Resolutions Wrap-Up Video 🎥

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