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Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation: 4 Neutral | Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Primer | OleHenriksen Lemonade Smoothing Scrub | Flight Mode Skincare High-Altitude Hydration Mask | Truly Acai Your Boobies Lifting Boob Serum | Sanctuary App |

Remember how I wanted to start 2021 with vigor and had all these ideas rolling around in my head and vowed I was going to make more consistent content throughout the year?

Clearly, that did not happen… 😂

I did have a genuine conversation with myself during the month about what direction I want to head towards when it comes to my content. We can safely say that 2020 rocked me mentally, and one of the few things that got me through was my rediscovered love for makeup and fashion which was evident on this website that also got a makeover. Story-telling and sharing my life is something that won’t ever go away, but sometimes I just don’t have the inspiration or drive to put it down on a post or in a video. Not to beat a dead horse, but this website is strictly a hobby for me, something that has taken me a bit of time to accept and I do not need to dedicate myself to it if my heart’s not in it.

It was for no other reason than the fact that like everyone else, I was still processing wtf happened in 2020, and by the time I actually had post ideas or got to work on them, it was already halfway through the month! I had started (and nearly completed) a 2021 Resolutions post, with all intentions of publishing it, but a lot of the goals I wanted to focus on didn’t pan out: To summarize, I was planning on going back to college in January, but the program through my work that I was signing up with reached its cap and admission was pushed back to the fall. Once those plans fell through, it was hard to regroup and refocus my intentions, so I scrapped the post entirely.

However, I wouldn’t say the post was for naught though. I’ve read two books so far this year (my year goal being 20), I’ve been teaching myself Spanish using Duolingo for 39 days (at time of writing this section) and have been a hell of a lot smarter financially. If only I could really hunker down on my fitness goals… but hey, baby steps 👣

January was spent experimenting with a lot of new things: I gave myself fake freckles a lot, I dyed my hair lavender and I was more authentic and genuine with my manifestations and intentions. In all, it was the perfect footing I needed to saunter into a new year.

Here were some of my favorite products this month:

Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Longwear Foundation

You could say that I was 100% influenced to buy this foundation after seeing all of my favorite IG girls talk about how much they love Charlotte Tilbury. One of my favorite nude lipsticks is Pillow Talk, so I didn’t hesitate to try out something out from the brand.

It is a buildable, matte finish and it wears insanely natural and pretty. I hardly noticed texture on my face, even without using a filling primer. Obviously because we’re still in a pandemic and I’m constantly taking masks on and off, this foundation still wears all day, true to its claims. We all know that Makeup Forever’s Ultra HD foundation is one of my all-time favorites, but this gives it a run for its money.

I will say one thing: The color does oxidize slightly, which isn’t an issue when I self-tan, but it’s nothing that a little concealer can’t fix!

MILK Makeup Hydro Grip Gel Primer

I’m all about trying new products, especially ones that I think will absolutely change my makeup game. Of course influenced by TikTok, I figured I’d give this a shot.

This primer is unlike anything I’ve ever used before because it makes the makeup grip to the primer, and not your skin. It doesn’t clog your pores and it helps hydrate the skin with blue agave and hemp-derived cannibas seed extract.

Pairing this with the Charlotte Tilbury foundation has been my absolute winning formula for my complexion. My skin looks fantastic, as if I have a filter on my face 24/7. I accidentally bought the small, but I will absolutely be buying the full size once I’m out. I see this being a main stay for a while.

OleHenriksen Lemonade Smoothing Scrub

Thanks to Influenster, I was able to get my hands on the new Lemonade Smoothing Scrub early to test out complimentary. Your skin is going to drink up this slush.

We all know I love a good ol’ fashion exfoliant scrub, especially since Sis has a lot of congestion on her nose and chin. Chemical exfoliants like Glycolic and Lactic Acids make me nervous because I’ve seen plenty of horror stories of people who abuse them. This is the best of both worlds: Its ultra-fine sugar exfoliants slosh away all the junk on the surface, while the AHAs even the skin’s texture below the surface.

Lemons immediately make me think of summer, but this will be a product I’d use year-round. I really love it’s consistency and the fragrance could honestly be a little more potent. Its consistency is a mix of both scrub and face wash, and I love letting this sit on my skin for an extra minute or two to really penetrate.

Whenever using chemical exfoliants, be sure to use a sunscreen as your skin is more sensitive. (You should be using a sunscreen daily anyway, but I know we trip up when we’re cooped up in the house every day, so I’ll let it slide.) I noticed that I was a lot more sensitive and even red the next morning, however it wasn’t enough to deter me from continuing use. The more I used it, the more brighter and even my complexion looked and the less I noticed the irritation. The photo posted here was roughly five minutes after using it consistently two times a week for about two weeks.

Flight Mode Skincare High-Altitude Hydration Mask

If you’ll recall in my Skincare Routine, I like to opt for a hydrating mask once I complete an exfoliation treatment to calm my skin down. Thanks to FabFitFun, I found this goodie.

For starters, of course I’m obsessed with this company’s MO and my heart flutters a little at the thought of traveling again (someday). Long flights are notorious for drying your skin out, so this makes the perfect carry-on companion. I like using it after the lemonade scrub because it delivers the balance I need. Plus, it’s quick absorbing and no need to wash off right away, making it ideal for bedtime.

When I wake up the next morning and wash my face, it looks refreshed and dewy, kind of like I just indulged in a retreat.

Truly Acai Your Boobies Lifting Boob Serum

TikTok made me do it, but to my well-endowed girls, YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT YESTERDAY.

During my quarantine back in November, I spent a lot of time on TikTok, and one of the ads that continuously popped up on my For You Page was Truly Beauty. Their serums and body butters looked dreamy, but I was skeptical: How good could it really be if they were on my FYP? I had received an Ulta gift card for Christmas and figured I’d try this serum first.

Before using this product, I’ve got to expose myself for a second. It wasn’t until one of my faves Kennedy Frazer came out on her IG about her procedure to fix her asymmetry that I became self-conscious about my own insecurities, my girls: They are very asymmetrical, saggy and honestly, if I could get a boob job with no extreme expense or risk, I would in a heartbeat. Growing up, I’ve always had ‘big boobs’, but they were never perky or pretty, so I’d opt for going without a low-cut top.

I didn’t think this product was going to work, and truthfully I didn’t notice a difference for a while. The reason I didn’t see a difference was because I was looking for the wrong results. When I read ‘lifting’, I was immediately expecting them to appear perkier, which wasn’t happening, until I noticed my right boob (the smaller of the two) was firmer. This led me to observe my left boob and noticed that I didn’t have that gross, old lady crepe skin.

I’ve been using this product twice a day for about a month now, and can notice when I slip up. Once I finish this bottle, I won’t hesitate twice to buy another and maybe even include the boobie butter in my body care routine. Since buying this, I’ve added the Unicorn Fruit Lip Balm, the Vegan Collagen Body Cream and the Anti-Cellulite Serum. All of Truly’s ingredients are clean and bonus tip: you can use your Ulta coupons on these products since they are not considered a prestige brand (yet).

Sanctuary App

I wasn’t going to include this in this Faves post, because truthfully, I’ve been using it for a while. But, after doing a 5-minute reading this month, I think the whole world needs to know about it because I was absolutely mind-blown 🤯

I’m a novice astrology believer, but after downloading apps like Co-Star and Nebula, I’ve become interested in doing a reading, but was very skeptical and admittedly scared to do so. When I worked in the salon, we would host Ladies’ Nights and we’d have a psychic come in to do readings, and every single person that would come out of a reading would be overwhelmed with emotions (good or bad), and it truthfully scared me because how could a person tell you so much about your life through a deck of cards?

I’ve been using Sanctuary for their daily horoscopes for about five months now, each one being right on the money. The app kept suggesting I do a 5-minute reading, and finally I got ‘fed-up’ and clicked on it. But, keeping it 100, it wasn’t me doing it out of haste, but rather out of curiosity: At the time I was reading my horoscope, I had been digging deep in my mind about my budding relationship, and was having some second thoughts. (Keep reading to fully understand why.)

Five minutes wasn’t nearly enough, especially because my astrologer Jessica said that the reading was really good. She pulled the World card first, indicating things coming together (a good sign in a relationship), then pulled the Moon card, which answered a lot of my anxiousness about trusting my intuition. The strongest sense was pulled through with the third card, the Sun card, which falls back to me protecting myself. For clarification, Jessica pulled three more cards under World, that add up to building love, generosity and commitment.

Was it a little presumptuous to do a reading this early onto a relationship? Maybe, but it gave me a lot of reassurance and how legitimate it is. I definitely see myself believing in it more, and fully want to embrace my ‘spiritual’ side.

Intangible: Rediscovered Confidence

Alright, this one’s going to get slightly ✨risqué✨, but it should make sense once I break it down. There’s no way of getting to the point without airing some dirty laundry, but I often stress I am an open book and want to keep things authentic with everyone, so strap in.

I don’t really know how to skirt around this topic without it coming off as vain or conceited, because I do have a difficult complex with my appearance and my body image: I don’t think I’m terrible to look at, I would even go as far as to say I find myself semi-attractive, despite being unhappy with my weight. Don’t get me wrong, I have my good days, just as I have my bad days, but at any given time, I wouldn’t be ashamed of my appearance. Since the pandemic started almost a year ago, I have completely fallen from grace and how I look at my body has been drastically strained. Working out has been inconsistent, and my eating habits have been even worse. I’m not my heaviest weight ever, but I’m teetering close to that territory and honestly, it sits on my mind heavy like an elephant. Yes, I still find myself attractive, but I hate how I look naked. 2021 is the year I’m going to be even more blunt that usual, so sorry in advance for the crudeness.

Since dating more casually, my track record hasn’t really been the greatest, and honestly it’s kind of gotten to me. It goes like this: I’d meet a guy on a dating app, we’d talk for a hot minute, go on a date (or two), and then they’d ghost. (It happened on more than one occasion, so scientifically, I can call this a pattern 😂). When the other person would dip, it made me wonder what was wrong with me, and I’d overanalyze every single detail that led up to the ghosting. Not to sound cocky, but I know I’m a catch and I know my worth, which made it all the more frustrating that people didn’t stick.

At the end of December, I had met someone new and we clicked right away, opening up and telling each other our deep, dark secrets. It’s something that’s both scarily exciting and weirdly comfortable, something I haven’t felt in a while. The more that I’ve talked to this person, the more I’ve felt myself kind of blossom and a confidence emerged that had been laying dormant for a long-ass time. This confidence led me to take a step back, experiment with my sexuality and sensuality (which sounds a hell of a lot more aggressive than I mean it to be, sorry Mom & Dad), and discover what I want and like in a relationship/partner.

I’m going to put you on something here because I didn’t believe it until I did it. Twice. After scrolling on TikTok and coming across at-home boudoir tips and tricks, I decided to try them out for myself (and luckily for him, the new beau). I threw on a banging playlist, put on my sexiest underwear and just took some damn photos of myself. For context, I had a really bad week, slacking on my diet/workout plan and immediately thought I was going to be disgusted with the pics I took, but BOY WAS I WRONG! I have never looked at myself as a sexy person, attractive, yes, but never sexy. These photos gave me such a confidence boost and I have never had that much fun doing something for myself. It might have benefitted him, but it was so much more empowering and rewarding for me.

January ’21 Faves Video 🎥

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