Sarah | 26 | 315

She designed a life she loved.

If you’re reading this, welcome to my website! Thank you SO MUCH for your support. It  will never go unnoticed and I truly appreciate all feedback, good, bad and ugly.

This is a platform used to discuss all facets of my life, including some of my passions: makeup, traveling, fitness and in all, aspiring others! It was hard to narrow it to one niche, so instead I decided to make it a multitude of things. There’s a little bit of everything here at Life With Sarah!

For starters, my name is Sarah and I live in central New York (state). I’m 25 years old and I’ve owned this website since 2014, where it was an outlet to air some grievances I was facing at the time. It was the best coping mechanism for a lot of things I couldn’t just blurt out and I truly think it helped me develop as a person and overcome those hurdles.

Looking back, I was embarrassed about the site, not wanting anyone to know about it. Since then, I love sharing a glimpse of my life with anyone who is interested! By no means do I live an interesting life, but I was/am a writer (& with that said, it means I love to tell stories and share information!).

Some important things to note about me:

  • I will never say no to sushi 🍣
  • I document my life over on a Youtube channel that you should check out πŸ“·
  • To-do lists, stationary, calligraphy and organization speak to me on a spiritual level πŸ–‹
  • I obsess over the day that I get a french bulldog named Hurley 🐰
  • I have an awful case of wanderlust (5 countries down, the rest of the world to go) 🌎
  • I am an avid New York Rangers fan and could probably talk your ear off for hours about the NHL πŸ’
  • Fall is the best time of the year and I will fist fight you on this πŸŽπŸ‚

Stay tuned to see where Life with Sarah takes us! Take care πŸ•‰

Love you always, xo

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